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  1. They look kinda weird when the bike is just sitting there but if you watch vids of Travis Preston (RacerX 450 preview) it doesnt look all that bad, but I guess I dont really care what the seat looks like as long as it helps you know.....
  2. You are supposed to tighten the spokes before and after your first ride. That spoke that fell out was probably your flat tire problem.
  3. This issue is unexceptable. I mean not taking sides here but my honda never had this problem nor have I even heard of it from hardly anyone other than a 06-07 yz450f owner. Whats up with that? Has anyone tried to resolve this with a dealer or Yamaha or anything like that? I would be pissed off... I plan on getting an 07 yz450 next year but this issue kinda freaks me out.
  4. I am only 6'1" but I know that I could benefit from a tall seat in some situations like standing while leaning forward and gripping the seat with my knees. How does the seat feel when you seat bounce and does it make you feel like you are sitting way up on top of the bike? Those are the only things that I can think of that would affect me.
  5. Do you like red? just kidding. Do suspension if you need to. If you race then thats where you should spend your money. If you ride trails then get bike protection. You don't need an exhaust or motor work because most people can't harness the 450 power anyways. Oh yeah and spend money on going riding more, experience and skill is MUCH better than da bike bling...
  6. You and me man....OH WAIT.....DAMNIT! Snowboarding takes up my whole winter. Thats why Im going to Colorado for the winter, they actually have real snow...not ice.
  7. I could have swore I read that Suzuki was going to do that with the new RMZ250....I could be wrong though. I dont know why these companies don't do that for customers. I mean you are making a 7 thousand dollar purchase from them and once you pay thats it. I wish that there could be a dealer examination or something also. Some dealers are just really bad at what they do. You are their best friend when shopping around, but once you pay they don't want anything to do with you. A guy I work with bought an 06 KLX250s for 7 grand and they wont help him out (he is not a great mechanic). I think that qualifies as rape...seriously. WOW, I think I have rambled enough..
  8. A heat gun will get the white stress marks off the plastic, just make sure not to melt the plastic!
  9. It is in the March 2006 issue. Also check out Ivana Bozilovic, the super hot model for that issue!!
  10. If it is still out of line, then you probably have a bent handlebar mount. Just remove the nuts on the mounts and take them out. If one is bent you will be able to tell just by looking at them
  11. You have all the best mods done. Very nice bike!!! I like when someone knows what they are doing. I prefer the blue plastics, but your bike looks great!! Go get that thing muddy!!!
  12. I also use a punch to tighten mine. I also use the method of tightening until the bearings are seated, then with the front wheel on, you grab the bottom of the forks and pull back and fourth. The front end has to be straight when doing this. Just tighten from there until there is no play in the bearings. Same thing as a bmx fork. Easy way if you dont have the proper tools.
  13. Thanks for the reply!
  14. Was that from Dirtworld?
  15. I go up to SVR every week and put some laps in.