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  1. TotallyMetal

    426 overheating

    I used a catch can from thesame yr WR and it works friggin awesome for me. I am at 6,000 ft altitude most of the time and just spent 4 days at Moab 115 degrees with no problem.
  2. TotallyMetal

    Looking at a 140L for my gf, what is a good price?

    The cheapest I've seen for an 09 new is $2699. I have not seen any evidence of a 2010 model. I wonder if it has been discontinued, If this is the case I wonder why. Seems like the perfect trail bike for a smaller person.
  3. Looking at a 2009 that has about 4 hrs of riding time, looks like new for $1700. Is this a good price for this? We are also looking at Yamaha 125LEs too. TIA
  4. TotallyMetal

    2008 klx 140l

    Please share?
  5. TotallyMetal

    Puke tank..

    EZ Cheezy, Look up parts for the tank for WR @ http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/parts/home.aspx Plug Tank part Number 5UM-21860-E0-00 and cap and this and that in the TT OEM parts. http://oem.thumpertalk.com/SearchResult.aspx?KeyWords=5UM-21860-E0-00 I did it on my 01 YZ http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j305/TotallyMetal/Dirtbike/yz426001-1.jpg I had to make the bracket, but hey it works.
  6. TotallyMetal

    Stiff rear shock!

    OK here is what it was. Needle bearings in the relay arm were completely gummed up and rusted. Cleaned them up and regreased. Like new again... Now I am ready to ride!
  7. TotallyMetal

    Stiff rear shock!

    I am going to give it a shot, can't be too difficult.
  8. TotallyMetal

    Stiff rear shock!

    Rode the bike a few times this season and noticed that the rear suspension was very stiff. I turned the compression adjuster in the soft direction and no difference... I have never worked on a rear shock before. If disassembly is required I would like the experience. Could this be as simple as filling with nitrogen. Does this problem sound familiar to anyone? Thanks for any input... BTW it is an 01 yz426
  9. TotallyMetal

    Plastics question!

    The black plastic does show dirt/dust real easy, but when it's clean it looks fantastic. I have considered painting the blue tank on the 125 just to see how it holds up, but the neutral on the 426 stays. I love to see how much fuel I have in the tank at a glance...
  10. TotallyMetal

    Plastics question!

    Check my garage. I have 2 black YZs. I like the way they look without graphics...
  11. TotallyMetal

    How much of a jump...

    Put my step son on a KX 100 after his ttr125 and he outgrew it in a year, he is now on a YZ 125. I have to admit the KX got him used to the 2t power hit.
  12. TotallyMetal

    YZ 1/4 turn race throttle mod

    I finally got a chance to get out to the track today to try this throttle mod out and must admit this took some getting used to. I found myself overpowering in jumps. By the end of the day I got used to it. So easy to flick the wrist and it is wide open. I may slope the beginning of the cam to enable the little blips I am used to. Going to hit the trails soon.
  13. TotallyMetal

    Help, I need to replace my 426 exhaust

    My Yoshi muffler better not do that. I need to take a closer look!
  14. TotallyMetal

    Brake Snake?????

    could it loop around the frame
  15. TotallyMetal

    cant find TDC on my 426 (sometimes)

    Well put. I also thought I was quick on the draw... whew, what a relief!