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  1. sal cr250

    NY street SM ride 10/7 in Catskill Mtns

    Replied on SmJunkie. PM me your Cell#. I will be at the next exit waiting for you!!!!!!! Cant wait, Im siked!!!!! Sal
  2. sal cr250

    Drz Sm W/Mild Mods

    Looks good. Nice dog also!!!!!!!
  3. sal cr250

    hanging idle

    Should we start a new post?
  4. sal cr250

    hanging idle

    Fred have yous solved your issue? I have the same problem. Bike will idol fine(even after a long ride), but when you let it idol and give the throttle a jerk it will die. If you gradually give it throttle it will accelerate fine. I quick opening of the throttle (more than half the time) will cause the bike stall. I am running 05sm with stock CV carb. 3x3 mod (thanks burned) Dynojet kit 25 pilot and a 150 or 155 mainjet at sea level. The bike pulls beautiful in every gear and has nice power all around. What could it be? Also the bike has been doing this since I rode it home from the dealer. I just never addressed it, and trained my hand to not give the trottle a fast twist from idol. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Sal
  5. sal cr250

    DRZsm suspention question

    How tall are you guys because I'm 6"1 and i feel like my sm is a little short for me. I was thinking about getting a taller seat made for me. Is there anything else I can do to raise the height a little more? Thanks Sal
  6. sal cr250

    Anyone From the Lower NY Area???

    There are some crazy supermoto roads (twists and turns) If you go up Bear mountain. Better yet sometimes when I go upstate (catskill region) Take roads like route 28 (exit 19 on the NY Thruway) and that will lead you to some of the sickest on-road fun. Too cold now though. F- That As for "off-road" Theres not that many good places to ride anymore, unless you know people with private land. Most state parks dont allow off-roading correct? I hate Pataki.
  7. Does Polisport sell just the mask without the light? If so I would do this mod in a second. I'll take a black one please. lol The stock DRZ headlight is soo powerfull, I would hate to change it.
  8. sal cr250

    Iss8 SuperMoto Racer Mag hits the mail today

    Its a great issue, they all are.. When are you guys going to modify the drzsm. Can't wait for that!! Also, I dont know if you have an in-house design team or you just provide copy and images and then have a someone else put it together. Either way, I love the clean layouts in every issue. Keep up the good work. Being a graphic designer, thats the first thing I look at, that and the hottie in the back of every issue. Keep up the good work. You hiring? lol Regards Salvatore
  9. sal cr250

    bar mount kits for SM

    djmamayek which protaper mounts are you talking about these protaper universal mount Jay20 I was gonna say I like those slippers, whoever that is they are chillin.. Those fatbars look nice in sm bend. thanks for posting pics.
  10. sal cr250

    bar mount kits for SM

    Yes that was me. So I guess your saying once they are mounted and tightened, they're fine right? But they could have been designed with a better bolt in place and so on... I think if they are solid once mounted correctly, They are good enough for me. Thanks lstepnio Do you still use the stock rubber piece under the clamp?
  11. sal cr250

    bar mount kits for SM

    let us know when you fit them, maybe you could post a pic. That setup is going to look incredible. I started to black out my yellow sm and will take some pics as soon as it stops raining over here.
  12. sal cr250

    bar mount kits for SM

    I wonder if I could just buy the stock bar mounts from lets say an rmz450 or an rm 250, they are all the removable kind. I wonder how much those go for and if they fit? Also Thanks Monkey for the suggestion, I really like those Renthals (price is little high, 90$), maybe those with a set of fatbars and I'll call it a day. But If I could get another set in the 40 to 50 range that would be nicer. Damn I sound cheep.
  13. sal cr250

    bar mount kits for SM

    I still want to put a set of oversized bars on my sm and a while back I was told that the TAG T2 clamps are not the best design and may come undone.I guess the main bolt isn't long enough. Are the ones made by BRP any better: link There are also ones made by protaper but they are that stackable design which I'm not crazy about. link I even found a no name brand but they have the same part # as protaper mounts?: link If anyone has these please comment on how they are so far? main bolt long enough? installation? etc. Thanks Sal P.S for those of you guys that are first time drz owners or drzsm, This is my first 4 stroke 2 wheeler and I must say right after I added a pipe/ 3x3 Thx burned/ jetted carb, This bike is a beast.
  14. sal cr250

    Pro Circuit T4 (loud)

    I'm pretty sure they make Pro Circuit T-4 Quiet Core Inserts.
  15. sal cr250

    My black DRZ 400sm

    I would love to know where you got those black clamps to mount those oversized bars? Let us know. Thanks Sal