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  1. dmb

    '07 250sx-f oil level

    1 liter then check. Keep mine so it's just above middle in the sight glass.
  2. dmb

    My first attempt at PhotoShop...

    Doin good man for a 1st timer. You'll get the hang of it.
  3. dmb

    My first attempt at PhotoShop...

    ^^I thought someone might say that...
  4. dmb

    My first attempt at PhotoShop...

    Yeap. Take saturation out on the red channel, minus the seat, magnetic lasso the plastics & adjust levels.
  5. dmb

    My first attempt at PhotoShop...

    Here's a quick revision...
  6. dmb

    how to cut seat down?

    I sharpied my seat about an inch 1/2 from top...cut w/ a sharp knife...then used a rasp to sand the rest down smooth. Here's the end result. Just take your time and keep putting it on the bike to see how much more you need to take off.
  7. dmb

    is this worth it? ninja 250

    I had a Ninja 250 for my 1st bike. Rode it for a year then moved up to a SV650. Go for it man you'll love it. Great starter bike.
  8. dmb

    My new bike

    Lookin sharp man!
  9. http://expn.go.com/expn/story?id=2927035
  10. dmb

    Pics of Where you Ride

    TNT Motorsports in Chester SC.
  11. Flat foot one side on my ktm250sxf. I'm 5'5".
  12. dmb

    tech 10 break in?

    That's normal. Soak em' down w/ some water then ride in them.....& ride some more in them....repeat.
  13. dmb

    Good riding spots near Columbia, SC?

    TNT Motorsports park in Chester.....probly ~45 mins north of Columbia. Nice place, good tracks & trails. http://www.tntmotorsportsinc.com/index.shtml