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  1. mx4rlife 96

    06 250f Vs. 07 250f

    All kawi's are pretty much great bikes.... It really just depends on your budjet. I have an 05' that is for sale if you are interested... Im in Southern California, but i dont know where you are exactly... let me know.
  2. mx4rlife 96

    Post "Sick Air"

    commit first try.... i did it 5th gear pinned with a seat bounce on my 250f.
  3. mx4rlife 96

    andbody have a kx250f for sale

    i have one but im in California... probably is a little to far
  4. mx4rlife 96

    Post "Sick Air"

    Here is me.... It looks higher is you look at where the GROUND is, not the top of the jump.... Now if this was just a double, whew it would make a good picture.
  5. mx4rlife 96

    Buying a kx250f

    ive got an 05' i could sell you... 3600$. Let me know if you want some more info. Where are you located in California?
  6. mx4rlife 96

    used kx250f's.....

    i have an 05' that is for sale. It has lots of extra goodies on it and it is an awesome bike. I am in SoCal also.... PM me if you want any info. I think that a kx250f would be fine for him. There has been no problems on my 05' and i dont think there will be for a long time. They are great bikes and he should go green for sure!
  7. mx4rlife 96

    local "jumps"

    The step-up at Lake Elsinore here in SoCal is way fun! And big... here is a picture of me going over it....
  8. mx4rlife 96

    Dirt Bike Television wants your videos

    here is one i put together of myself.... a little old but oh well. http://youtube.com/watch?v=JYd2gMdQaVs
  9. mx4rlife 96

    whats it worth....

    I bought the bike from a guy that had it for a few months. We got it dirt cheap as we knew it was not in very great shape. The engine then blew up the next weekend on me. I paid 1500 to have it fixed. And that is just for the engine. This thing is SWEET and is not in bad shape. The front fork guard is broken (yes one thing), and that is it. I keep my bikes really clean and very well maintained. I was hoping to get 3800. Oh and by the way, those pictures show that the number plates have scratches on them and are a little black..... those are no longer there....
  10. mx4rlife 96

    whats it worth....

    yes i am sure... im not that dumb.
  11. mx4rlife 96

    Photoshop competition #1

    make another layer and then set the opactiy lower....
  12. mx4rlife 96

    whats it worth....

    I dont know how many hours are on it, i dont have an hour meter...
  13. mx4rlife 96

    whats it worth....

    2005 kx250f... Located here in SoCal... Here is what i have on it: boysen quick shot hot cams intake and exhaust cams procircuit silencer black rims renthal twin wall bars universal radiator guards have stock silencer and a spark arrestor twin air oil filter Here is some pics... I have been trying to sell it for awhile, but no one has really shown any interest. Let me see what you guys think it is worth....
  14. mx4rlife 96

    Strongest Handle bar?

    renthal twin walls by far. I have had some NAST crashed, and i bent my clamps before my bars. I love them to death!
  15. mx4rlife 96

    Photoshop competition #1

    Division 1.... Did it in 10min haha.