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  1. Would it be possible that the valves are still good? Then just get new guides and seats cut?
  2. left valve guide appears to be broken off when looking more closely at it, also sprayed it with some wd40 and it leaked a tiny little bit after about 15-20 seconds
  3. Just curious as if this head is any good?
  4. anyone that's had this problem like to explain the best choice of action?
  5. So I have a 2007 with the crack in the case problem from the idler gear and the kickstarter. There is a pretty decent crack in the case, but i was wondering since it's the beginning of summer, would there be any harm in patching the exterior of the case so there is no leaks? Then would I be able to just pop start the bike? I'm not sure if that would work or not. I've already taken the clutch out and removed the idler gear, but i'd really like to ride it out the rest of the summer if possible then rebuild it during winter. Would this work or would the idler gear being gone keep the bike from running? Also any guidance from people who have had this problem would be helpful, how many dealerships have helped them out considering this seems pretty common from my research. Thanks guys
  6. i have not...but would that really cause the bike not to start at all?
  7. no beuno on anything, gone back through the carb tried leaning it out...nothing tried making it richer...no luck... went through all of the electrical and found nothing that was out of place, and it's still getting good spark. also tried pull starting it and putting another new plug in! looking for any other suggestions please
  8. i will try all the things sugguested and then plan on making a trip monday to get some smaller mains
  9. please, if you dont have anything productive to say keep it out of my thread. Thanks
  10. i have tried pull starting with no luck, and when i pull the plug its wet with a black oily residue
  11. bump please
  12. 55 views no response bump...
  13. oh btw i have both the 98 and 00 carbs, i'm currently running the 00 with a 168 main and 45 pilot, i also have a 50 pilot as well, also has new vforce reeds
  14. Alright so i got this bike a few weeks ago in the understanding that it needed a new stator. It wasn't getting any spark, so i got a new stator and ignition from an 00'. Carb cdi coil flywheel everything. Put it all back on. Drained the gas, changed the oil, drained the coolant put new in. Then cleaned out the carb went completely through it with carb cleaner. Went to start it and it started right up and idle's great...however as soon as i even think about hitting the gas it starts bogging out really bad and then dies. even in the slightest bit of throttle it starts bogging, but yet idles fine? So i took the motor out of the frame and cleaned out and re-adjusted the powervalve (noticed that the actuator arm wouldn't return when i pulled the valve open), put the motor back in and started it up again...idle's great..soon as i give it gas bogs and wants to die. Any idea's what i should try doing next? crank seals? more jetting? I put a new plug in it and still does the same exact thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!
  15. alright thanks guys