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  1. bubba133

    Thumpstar Mashed???

    run out of gas?
  2. bubba133

    couple motor/carb questions

    think before you post shut down
  3. bubba133

    cheap shock for a pitster

    which one resi ,non resi , le limited
  4. bubba133

    anyone w/ zongshen 125 motor or ahp stage 1

    is there any place to just buy an already shaved shift star or just a pics of a good shaved one would work thanx
  5. bubba133

    !!post pics of your bike, pls!!

    how do you post a pic, i need an easy way i suck at computers
  6. bubba133

    sikk 107 mods

    oh ya thanx for all the help
  7. bubba133

    sikk 107 mods

    well i need some idea on how to cut it, how many mm did you cut down and did you shave down the piont from 2 to 3 and if you did how much
  8. bubba133

    sikk 107 mods

    i tried shaven it , i thought i cut enough out but it miss shifted once and that more than enough. does any one have a pics of an already shaved one or know where i can buy one thanx
  9. bubba133

    sikk 107 mods

    ya thats all i needed thanx alot. do you have the link the the sikk spring kit
  10. bubba133

    sikk 107 mods

    MOT09 --- where did you get the heavy duty shift spring for that shift star i need some and if its not to much of a problem take a pic of that shift star i need to know how much to shave it or any pics of an already shaved shift star thanx
  11. bubba133

    more power

    oh ya chrome-crf thanx for sticken up for me
  12. bubba133

    more power

    my motor has a lot of power and im on a budget (got the motor for 350 brand new ) i just want that extra edge and got a stock motor im not spending $400 for an 88 kit when i can get a 124 for 350 anyways the stock carb is a 24 mm carb would the tb 24mm carb work better spec:28mm intake 26mm exhaust
  13. bubba133

    more power

    im lookin to get more power out of my zongshen 125 what can i do high comp piston / cam /carb? and where can i get that stuff plz help thanx
  14. bubba133

    ahp stage 1 questions

    i love my zongshen 125, it bolted up with every thing from wiring to clutch lever/cable havent adjusted any thing on it and it runs like a dream and that 4 shoe clutch really hooks up only thing i might do to it is get the shift star from vinco .....but very nice motor so far
  15. bubba133

    best shock?

    will the works xr70 shock work in the five o frame