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  1. Nice idea an i wish it could handle a big hit but it wont work. I broke the footpeg after a highside and it broke at the welding point. if you want some protection try to mount it at the main frame or at thicker part of the sub frame.
  2. take a look this video and wait till the the SM came in. its scary
  3. So do you get a faster response when you brake? or you just have more braking power? I want to get a better and faster response from my brakes.
  4. syber

    2008 DRZ SM exhaust options

    I have an other question. I foud this site http://www.billsrebuilts.gr/YOSHIMURA.htm it is a Greek shop as I live in Greece and no one else import the trc. If you check the trc pro series you will see the part number is different from the tt store. Also if you see the image of the exhaust you can see a metal bracket witch as I remember never seen on edies trc installations http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h94/xtreme6669/100_4873.jpg So do i go for that trc or no? I have a drz SM.
  5. syber

    1/4 mile time stock vs mods ?

    Hi again. Im not trying to find how fast can drz do the 1/4 mile on a drag strip. I live in Greece and even if i liked to do 1/4 mile drag race I don't have anywhere to race. I just want to know what is the difference between stock and moded drz on the road not just on dyno. I want to know that for example if I do the 3*3+jeting+yosh ti I wont be just half a bike ahead from a stock drz. I wish I had money to spent trying all the mods and here in greece we pay twice the price related to US for tuning products.
  6. syber

    1/4 mile time stock vs mods ?

    Eddie you are right at some point but on dyno you don't have resistance from tarmac at front and rear wheel and wind resistance. I wish I could find some an way to know how 1 hp on dyno is represented on road. Thats why I was asking for road testing. even 0-60 could give a more understandable comparison at some point (it depend on rider abilities to).
  7. syber

    1/4 mile time stock vs mods ?

    lol. sorry perhaps i used wrong title. I just want to know the difference between the mods on the road not only on the dyno. I just don want to spent my money on a mode that wont give me any difference on the road.
  8. Hi. I'm searching to mod my SM. I found a bunch of mods and hp diagrams. But what is the difference on the road? Can anyone give some info so we can compare different mods? Stock VS 3*3 + jetting VS 3*3+jetting+trc VS fcr ect. Eddie any info please.
  9. I ride a Speed triple and it is my next bike in list. DRZ is great for what it is built and its a great bike.You can have a lot of fun. The same thing you get with speed triple but in different way. In my opinion you must buy both of them. O wish I had the money
  10. syber


    Sorry but where is the problem. Id love to see my bike throwing flames like racing bikes if its not loosing power.
  11. syber

    Adjustable brake lever

    headster great pics. it looks perfect. same gloves nice looking lever. Im going to get zeta. thanks for your answers.
  12. syber

    Adjustable brake lever

    Hi. I hate my stock break lever. It is to close to the bar so i can't use my finger tips to brake. Any idea for adjustable 2-3 finger brake lever so I can adjust the lever distance from the bar? thanks!
  13. syber

    Loosing oil any idea?

    Hi. yesterday I checked my oil and my dipstick showed me empty after 1700 km from service. How can this happen when I haven't seen no smoke. when I ride hard my bike I get a smell but not the smell of burned oil (never smelled burning oil from a 4stroke bike). I dot do wheelies (no time to be left without bike) or track days only ride hard my bike almost 15km every day not always. Any idea what to check? I own an 2005 SM.
  14. syber

    Safety tips that can save your life

    I agree. especially if you have heavy traffic and other smaller motorbikes. If you go with the flaw then you start acting like it, you don't pay much attention to others (as you think that you are not going faster from the others and they can see you) so think now how much attention the others pay to you. if you go faster you know you have to pay attention to whatever hapen in front of you so you are always alerted. when we say faster we mean maximum 20% over the other vehicle speed anything over that is just uncontrollable the 20% has come from researches (unfortunately I don't have the link). When you stop at red light try to stay by the front of a still car so it can protect you from the cars behind its much beter to be hit by that car than by the one that's coming without breaking. also if you are alone the best thing to do is to stop few meters before the red lights so if you see a car that is not breaking you can have some space to move. its better than crossing the red light.
  15. syber

    DRZ 400sm: Post your results 0 to 60mph "0 to 100kph"

    on stock bike you must go near 0-100km in near 5.6sec (if I remember corectly) or in real world as fast as an rx8 with 240hp on new tarmac I have tried 2 of my friends rx8 on drag race and until we reach 100 km we are the same.