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  1. rwloope

    still leaking

    Its clean oil and I its leaking where the header goes into the engine. Should I start with replacing the seal or do you think it something worse than a seal?
  2. rwloope

    still leaking

    I didnt forget to drain the frame. I see a black plug just above where the header enters the engine. Is that the decompression plug? If so it is there as well.
  3. rwloope

    still leaking

    I posted the other day and learned that I probably overfilled my oil. It was leaking all over and pouring out of the dipstick hole. I went ahead and changed the oil and put in 1 quart. Today when i started it I noticed a slow drip where the header goes into the engine. Could this be just a little extra oil that needs to drip out or is this a totally new problem?
  4. rwloope

    coolant question

    Got it. Thanks
  5. rwloope

    coolant question

    Can someone please tell me where the drain plug for the radiator is on an 03 450?
  6. rwloope

    Oil overflow and leak

    thanks. The book says 1.2 liters but I was told 1.5 was better becuase there is room for it in the frame so thats what I put in. I cranked it up again tonight and then checked the dipstick and it was still overflowing. I am going to change the oil tonight. You think 1 quart is what I should use?
  7. My 03 450 is leaking oil and I cant tell where it is coming from. I noticed it dripping out of the bottom of the bike. When i checked the dipstick it started pouring out of the dipstick hole. A rode about 5 minutes and the oil stopped leaking. I checked the dipstick again and it was normal. Rode another 6 laps and called it a night. Checked the oil this morning and the dipstick is completely dry. Any ideas? Also what is good suggestion for coolant?
  8. I just got some backgrounds for this season and wanted some tips for putting them on straight. I have seen people spray some type of liquid on the number plate and were able to slide them around until they were straight. What is it? Any suggestions?
  9. rwloope

    spoke help

    I just replaced a few spokes on my yzf 450. Can I tighten them correctly without a spoke torque wrench? How do I know when they are tight enough? Can they be too tight? Thanks for any help.
  10. I just bought an 03 yzf 450 and noticed that it has a few bent spokes. When I try to loosen them the whole spoke turns and it wont come out. I put some wd40 on them and they still stick. any suggestions on how to get them out and can I buy single spokes?
  11. rwloope

    New sprocket

    I just put a larger rear sprocket on and my chain is almost long enough. Is there any way to add one link or should I just pony up the 75 bucks and get a new chain. (My existing chain is only about 3 rides old) Thanks for any suggestions.
  12. rwloope

    sprocket switch

    Thanks. I thought that guy was a moron.
  13. I am changing my rear sprocket from 50 to 52 teeth. The guy at the bikeshop said I don't need a different chain size. Can that be true?
  14. rwloope

    Shrinking chain

    Thanks for your help everyone. I took the chain off, cleaned it, oiled it, and re adjusted it. I had to put it on the first line of adjustment to make it loose enough to ride. It is a new chain so it will probably stretch. The problem I have now is that some of the links are froze up so it bounces way too much. Any way to unfreeze those links? I dont know why the links would stick like that. I clean my bike after every ride and lube the chain.
  15. rwloope

    Shrinking chain

    I cleaned the chain and it looks good. I am clueless.