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  1. Bash28

    Sunday at Kahoka

    What is it? Race? Practice?
  2. Bash28

    mickeyo walnut/ rental

    Mickeyo, I plan to attend, with 3-4 buddies. See you soon !
  3. Bash28

    St. Joe this weekend

    I went last week, rode the main trails on dirt bike. It was pretty good, only bad mud in a few spots, and easy to avoid if desired.
  4. Bash28

    Byron practice during the week

    I have also heard that the "600 acres" riding area has been improved and has a decent track. Seems like I have heard that before. Doesnt help me here in Chicago suburbs but you Iowa guys may want to see if it is true. No-air, what are you riding now? Still a 2006 crf ? I am riding a 2007 YZ250 smoker and loving it.
  5. Bash28

    Byron practice during the week

    Oh, and I am going to KI Track this Sunday in case you want to hook up there and ride !
  6. Bash28

    Byron practice during the week

    Hey no-air Charlie, Was Byron groomed the day you went? I know it is terrible when not groomed, but I am curious if you are saying it was groomed and still not too good. I am curious because I have not been there yet this year. Please clarify.
  7. Bash28

    New to IL and wanting to ride!

    I live next to Schaumburg, in Palatine. I ride with buddies at Walnut, Byron, KI Track (oregon IL) and a few places farther away. Let me know if you want to hook up sometime.
  8. Bash28

    mickeyo/walnut rentals

    I drove all the way there today also Mickey I'll PM you my number also for next time.
  9. Bash28

    mickeyo/walnut rentals

    I am looking forward to the 20th - will be there along with a buddy or 2
  10. Bash28

    mickeyo/walnut rentals

    Please count me in also! Awesome! What new Honda did you get ????
  11. Bash28

    Places to ride?

    If it is so cold inside - I might as well go ride outside !!!
  12. Bash28

    Keithsburg, IL HS conditions?

    Do they have any practice in the morning....or a parade lap...or just line up and race?
  13. Bash28

    Mickeyo Walnut Rental

    Weather was great, track was awesome. Great day to ride. I love riding on saturdays whenever possible. Thanks Mickeyo for organizing
  14. Bash28

    Mickeyo Walnut Rental

    Mickey, Count me in for 3 if you have room. Thats me and 2 buddies. Thanks, Ron
  15. Bash28

    Bike Barn in Morrison, IL. How is it?

    I have been to the Bike Barn many times. There is a short MX track that is fun but pretty easy. There is also a short trail loop (maybe 2-3 miles) that has a variety of soil. Part of it is loamy dirt like peat moss that has formed into some fun natural whoops. Bottom line is the place is fun but kinda small. A big advantage is that it is open virtually always! He charges an annual fee, something like $50 or so, and you can ride there whenever you want. Often there is nobody there - so don't ride alone Oh - and check his website - sometimes he has races there. http://www.unitedoffroadracing.com/