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  1. huskyrider

    01 wr 426 timing

    Go to Garrett's (motoman 393) website in the fallen rider forum. It's hosted by ThumperTalk. You should find out how to retime it to either WR or YZ timing in his technical section. Garrett, we'll always love you, and it's AWESOME how your still helping members!!! See ya, Kelly
  2. huskyrider

    anybody buy a wr426f lately??

    bakey, Your first and most powerful upgrade is to pull the buttplug on the muffler and replacing the throttle stop with one from a YZ426 or cutting the original one down. You'd have to search 'cause I don't remember how long we cut them down to. The second biggest return was from changing them to YZ cam timing, rejetting the carb, and performing the BK accelerator pump carb modification. I used an EJQ needle but I don't remember my jets sizes. I want to say it was 3rd clip with a 168 and a 48. The third biggest return was stepping up 2 teeth on the rear sprocket, I lost first gear which, IMO, was totally unusable anyway, I lost top end I never use. But my 2nd to 5th gears were much more responsive for me. Don't be fooled, these bikes are still quick even by todays standards. See ya, Kelly
  3. huskyrider

    anybody buy a wr426f lately??

    Only if you didn't drain the float bowl and empty the gas tank. I have a pair of 01 WR426's I bought 8 years ago. They stay in the stable in the back of my shop and only get broke out once a year for the Garrett Berg Memorial race. This kids talent and mechanical aptitude was well ahead of his age and his family is incredibly awesome. We were in the learning curve of four stroke performance then. You should check out his website on this board for some great performance increasing insight on your new scooter. I've never had the heart to sell them even though I've purchased at least 4 new bikes since then. I broke them out this afternoon and had both running in a dozen kicks. I forgot just how fast they were for being such heavy bikes. Todays ride was more enjoyable than any of my recent rides on my 05 CRF450 or my 07 YZ450. I'm sure it was also due to a lot of reminiscing during my son's and my ride. Your sure to love your new ride. Congrats on your purchase!!! See ya, Kelly
  4. I just scored a new 07 for 4 bones. I thought it was a really good deal and jumped on it. Although I'm not to motocross competitive I'm curious as to how this unit will stack up against the other newer models. I'd like an idea of what mods, especially the free ones, you'd suggest. And which mods that aren't free that are must haves. I'm an average weight 175 to 185 depending on what I've eaten or how much beer I've drank the night before. This site was a tremendous asset to me when I bought my WR 426's back in 2002. I'm fixing to see if I can get back into some MX in an effort to help fill the thinning gates on race day and help make the front half of the class possible. LMAO!!! Thanks for any insight you may have. See ya, Kelly
  5. huskyrider

    EKN or JD needle?

    It's been a long time since my bikes (2001 WR426's) were re-jetted, at the time JD offered lots of jetting insight but hadn't yet started selling his own stuff. If I remember correctly it was EJQ and a 168, the difference was good. I'm in SE Texas at Sea Level. I'm certain his stuff is probably better, they were doing lots of testing back then on the best setup, and his products were the result of these tests. See ya, Kelly
  6. huskyrider

    question about Texas street legal conversion

    Thanks for the insight, I did a search but didn't have any luck on finding a Texan. It sounds pretty basic 1st purchase insurance 2nd get a Texas motorcycle inspection 3rd take the form showing the bike passed inspection to the county tax assessors office, then show them the off road title and insurance cad too. See ya, Kelly
  7. huskyrider

    BFN 09 WR450 runs terrible on the bottom.

    I feel your pain. When I bought my 426's I was totally disappointed, they couldn't even keep up with a 77 250 Husky on a flat dirt road. I'm not sure about the new models but on mine I removed the butt plug, cut the throttle stop, retimed to YZ timing, rejetted with a YZ needle and jet changes, and did the BK carb mod. I PROMISE you it was a night and day difference. I broke them out of the shop yesterday after they'd sat since 2005, I'd long forgot just how much fun to ride they were. See ya, Kelly
  8. I'll second these items quoted. IMO, if your going to race these would be a must. See ya, Kelly
  9. Hey gang it's good to see you guys again, I haven't been in here in as long as I can remember. I've got a pair of WR426's that I broke out of the shop yesterday which haven't been ridden in about 4 years. I was going to sell them but after riding them again and researching the sale prices I feel their worth more in the stable than what I feel they'll sell for. I think I'm just going to buy some Baja street legal kits and put some street legal dual sport tires on them. Are there any Texas members here who can walk me through the steps to get the plate and inspection process? Thanks in advance for any assistance. See ya, Kelly
  10. huskyrider

    Cruelty Towards Chipmunks

    Mandi, I'm curious, do you really feel that there's a difference? I agree with ecebarn, I'd rather go quickly being hit on the head with a shovel than to suffer from poisoning. A dead problem rodent is best being just that, DEAD, no matter which avenue he took to get there. See ya, Kelly
  11. Mine was also a crotch rocket moment too. In 98 I'd just purchased the newer, faster, and lighter ZX9 R and was on my third or fourth ride. I pulled up to the Panther Creek red light on Woodlands Parkway right before the lake. A couple of college cuties pull up beside me in a Mustang convertible. They were smiling, giggling , and waving. At the time I was in my late thirties. In my gear I guess they thought I was a young adult like themselves. I, in a male testosterone moment, decided to give them a treat. After a semi hard launch I snicked second and brought it up, when I slipped into third it hit a bit harder than I expected, I was way to high on the front and not covering my rear brake. By the time I let off and went to dab at my rear it was to late. I had to step off at an easy 80 plus. When I bailed I knew it was going to be ugly. What followed was hilarious. I stepped and attempted to tuck but cartwheeled over my shoulder and tumbled at least a half dozen times into a soft muddy ditch by the golf course fairway. I'm laying there thinking OH S*IT I don't fell like I'm hurt, hopefully the bike and I are going to be alright. This is when I hear a ladies voice "are you OK young man." I work up into a seated position and removed my helmet. Then she's like "Oh my gosh your twice as old as those girls. You know, I'm sure they were impressed right to the point were you flipped out" This lady was in her sixties easy. I looked at the bike and asked her to call the wrecker service I use for my company trucks and tell them that Kelly the pool guy crashed on of his bikes and needed service. Long story short, the bike was totaled with less than 150 miles. I was out my bike, and gap insurance paid it off. I never paid the first penny for the machine or the first insurance premium because it was just a couple of weeks old and I'd financed the entire purchase price. Thankfully I'm older now and not quite the dumbass I used to be, LOL!!!! See ya, Kelly
  12. Last year my business had me so busy that the fifth race totally slipped passed me. I didn't realize it until it was after the fact. I was so sorry that I didn't make it because I was to busy wrapped up in my game and not thinking about anything else except chasing coin. I haven't logged in here in so long I can't even remember when the last time I visited the site was. I was working on one of my bikes this evening when it dawned on me that its already September again. Every time I come into this forum I end up crying like a baby when I think of Mike and the family. You newer members will never ever know just how strong they are and just how much Michael's love of the sport truly is. When I came a few minutes ago all I saw was posts on last years race and nothing about this year. Michael, I'm sorry I missed you guys last year, send me an e-mail "kelly@atlantispool.com" when you get a chance. I'd love to just say Howdy See ya, Kelly
  13. huskyrider

    im new to tt

    NickD, Welcome aboard. You've got a really sweet track!!! Thanks for sharing the vid. See Ya, Kelly
  14. huskyrider

    I want to sell my bike

    IRBC knows I still want her to have the bike even though she wants to drift away somewhat from the sport. These girls are coming up on their 16th b-day next month and their priorities have been changing over the past couple of years (insert BOYS for priorities). I decided to compensate her for the bike and keep it for her and her 10yr old sister who'll be stepping up from the PW80 soon. As soon as she finds out teenage boys aren't quite what their cracked up to be, hopefully she'll come back to Dad and the dirt bikes. Dads' and dirt bikes will never break your heart like a boy who dumps you for your best friend will. I love you babe!!! Now as for you teenage boys with the twin sisters comments, I pack a S&W model 29. LOL See Ya, Kelly
  15. huskyrider

    --> MUST SEE VIDEO <--

    What an incredible show of yo-yo mastery. Thanks for the link!! See Ya, Kelly