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  1. CLW04WR450

    Drum brake not working after sprocket change

    90 degrees to the pull rod when the shoes contact the drum.
  2. CLW04WR450

    Drum brake not working after sprocket change

    The fix was adjusting the brake arm until the brakes made contact with the drum??? What about getting the shoes back in the correct location on the drum? Won't water and/or dirt get in the brakes now if the brake assembly is sitting in the wrong position.
  3. CLW04WR450

    Noisy WR

    When I have the plug in the exhaust, my WR450 has a lot of buzzing noises around the top end. Are these naturally loud around the cam train, or should I worry about it?
  4. CLW04WR450

    bike position in the air

    Virtually every time I jump, my front end goes high. Like Evil Knevil. The further I jump, the worse it gets. I know very little about suspension setup and have lots to learn. Any help curing this problem will eventually save a life.