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  1. ajones

    XR650L Brake light issue

    The running light works. When I press the foot brake the brake light works. I believe that both work at the same time.... it is brighter when the brake is on. When I pull the front brake, just the running light works. Just a FYI, the bike is a '93 I updated the tail light to a '00.
  2. ajones

    XR650L Brake light issue

    Well it works. After trying several combinations, the brake light works. (foot brake only, but it's a start) The radio shack lead clips was the way to go also. Thank you for you help Horri! Andy
  3. ajones

    XR650L Brake light issue

    Thank you for you quick responce and your time. Yes, I checked and replaced the bulb. The hand and foot brake...nothing. I also replace the plunger near the foot brake. I'll disconnect them all tonight and try again to see if I have them crossed. Andy
  4. Hello, I have a problem that I can't figure out. I have a 1993 XR650L. I went riding with friend a few months back and he mentioned that I did not have a brake light. The taillight only burned as a running light. I have no idea how long this has been going on, but I would like to fix the problem. I cut a the original leads to mount a low profile light a few years ago. I decided to put the original tail light back on and the problem persist. Electrical is not my thing, so not real sure how to hunt down the problem. Am I messing a ground? I matched the color code on the wires and soldered them and place heat shrink tube around each connection. Any advise or help is appreciated. Thank you, Andy
  5. I bought a 2nd bike, a 2000 CR250R for $1000 for the trails. It made the XR650L seem even heavier. Now that I have a trail bike, I bought a corbin seat for the 650. I think that add 5 lbs. Wow! is that seat heavy. I hope it saves my on longer rides. Weight loss is expensive, but I could stand to lose 15lbs myself. Andy
  6. ajones

    new plastics, graphics and a mini me pit!

    TX2, Thank you. I'll try it this weekend.
  7. ajones

    new plastics, graphics and a mini me pit!

    The Bike looks Great!!!!! I just bought some new graphic for my CR and I have never applied them before now. What are the secrets? Is there something I can spray on the plastic so if it is not straight I can move them? The graphic are a little expensive to screw them up. Thank you for your help. AJ
  8. ajones

    XR650L... only one to pass

    My test was in 1995. I called and ask about how to get my bike to the station. They responded "we don't ask how the bike gets here...be careful" My test was "turn on right blinker...turn on left blinker....Check. Now ride to that stop sign and come back. Check. You pass" Andy
  9. ajones

    XR invisible to radar?

    Ditto that:ride:
  10. I replaced mine with what I thought was a brake light and it was actually just a "running light". The studs were short so I bolted it to the rubber grommit and then pulled the mushroom back through the holes. NOT THE BEST JOB:bonk: Just wondering if the threaded studs were longer. Thank you for the responces. AJ
  11. Hey Gang, I ride a '93 XR650L. I've posted before about a buzz on my bike. At first I thought it was the engine bolts coming lose but now I think it is a bad bearing in the balancer. The Bike has 13K miles, rides great, but at certain speeds the bike has a buzz that is a little annoying. I would rate my mechanical skills about a 4 out of 10. Do you think I can change this myself? Do you think it is a bad bearing? Thank you for your insight!!! AJ:usa:
  12. How does the procycle light bolt under the fender? AJ
  13. ajones

    Oil Filter and Mobil 1 @ Walmart

    I have a slightly off topic question. I went to change my oil this year and one of the allen bolts to get to the filter is too worn to remove. I bought new oem bolts to replace it but.... What is the best way to remove the old bolt? I had one friend tell me to take a slightly oversize allen and tap it in with a hammer, remove it, and then replace it? Good advice? other options? Thank you, AJ
  14. ajones

    Almost Completed The Perfect Xr650l

    I agree... But not one of us makes sence. XRL guy's want a 14 tooth front gear while R guy's want 15 tooth. XRL want the best dirt tire while R guy's turn their bike in to SM with slicks. We all need new side panels and will make ever effort to make a 600R left panel fit. We try to put CRF fenders on our bike. XRL guy's what to remove their turn signals and mirrors while the R guy'ds try to add them. R guy's want a magic button and this gentleman wants to Kick his XRL (personally I'm to short, old, and fat to kick). Some of us add big tanks while other add to Monster Tanks. When 600cc not enough and 650cc is to much there is the perfect 628cc. The list go on and on and that is what keep me coming back. I'm still looking for the XRL with a sidecar. I know there is one out there. When the dust settles we are all after something unique. Because the XR has been around for years with little change. Have fun. AJ:thumbsup: