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  1. I'm 5'10", 195. I can just barely put both feet on the ground when I'm sitting on my bike. Is a shallower seat the best answer? Rocommendations?
  2. jbillen

    I have some pics of my new DRZ400S!!

    Dude that is SWEET. I still go out to the garage and stare at my '05 400s. Congrats.
  3. jbillen

    Looking for trail riding buddies in CO

    We're heading up to an area near Blackhawk on Thursday. . .we found a pretty neat loop where you can trail ride from the Columbine campground over to Fall River Road, then go up to Alice (maybe 5 or 7 miles of paved road), grab a coffee or a Snickers bar, then trail ride back to the campground. Round trip about 30 miles I think, mayby less. There was too much snow to do it last Monday, but we're hoping that with the good weather we can do it on Thursday. Worst case scenerio, we just have to turn around and backtrack, like we did last Monday. Pretty easy stuff, however ther are some rocky hills. Very pretty ride, though. This is a DS ride, as there are several miles on paved road. Please let me knw if you'd like to join us
  4. Background: My dad and I just bought a couple of bikes a few months ago and started trail riding again after an 18-year absence. We used to ride a lot back in the day, but when he broke his leg (again) and I went to college, there just wasn't enough time so we ended up selling our bikes and didn't ride again for almost 20 years. Well, I decided that it was time to get back on the trails with my dad, so we got some bikes and we did it! He's got a '96 Honda XR 400R and I have a Suzuki '05 DR-Z 400s. Both are excellent bikes and both are street legal. He's 65 and I'm 35. We've been having a blast riding at Rampart Range and on some trails near Blackhawk. We're thinking of taking a trip to Moab since the season here is nearly over. We're not trail RACERS, we're trail RIDERS. We like to take it easy and enjoy the experience and the scenery. We're both decent riders, but we're not into seeing how fast we can go - we like just being there, tackling some challenging trails when they come up, but mostly just enjoying the trail riding experience. We're looking for others with similar interests to ride with. I figured I'd put a post here to see if there's anyone out there who wants to meet up and go do some riding (not racing) with us. If interested, please let me know.
  5. jbillen

    Deep Water

    Went through a pretty deep puddle (up to the front fender) yesterday, and I was going pretty fast. As a newbie, I was just wondering if any of you fellow TT'ers have any advice on extra steps I need to take to clean my bike up to prevent water damage after going through deep water. I'm worried that because I was going pretty fast, water could have forced its way into some places where I don't want it. Thanks!
  6. jbillen

    Hand Guards for DR-Z400S

    I love my Enduro Engineering guards and deflectors. http://www.enduroeng.com/item.asp?ItemID=1&Category=Handguards%20And%20Handlebar%20Components
  7. jbillen

    Changing Front Sprocket

    Done deal. Thanks guys.
  8. jbillen

    Changing Front Sprocket

    Noob question: I'm changing my front sprocket, I've never done it before. I have a few questions. Thanks in advance for your help. 1) Is the nut that holds the sprocket on regular or reverse threaded? 2) What is the proper torque for this nut? 3) The retainer washer. . .I assume that I just bend it flat to remove the nut and then bend it back over a side of the nut when I put it back on? Should I bend it in a different location when I put it back on so as not to weaken the metal of the washer by bending it twice in the same place? 4) I forgot to notice the orientation of the wires in relation to the sprocket cover before I removed it. How are the wires supposed to be - on the outside of the cover or inbetween the cover and the ignition assembly? I can't seem to find an orientation where the wires aren't being squished between the cover and something else. A picture would be real handy here. 5) I know there's a big discussion / debate about using LocTite, and which kind. At this point I'm not planning on using any. Mistake? Thanks a million!
  9. jbillen

    Need to vent... dropped my SM TWICE!

    I crashed my brand new '05 400S four times on my first trail ride. Scratched up a little, but the yellow and white color scheme really hides the damage well. Man was I glad that I had installed Unabiker rad guards and Enduro Engineering hand guards before I hit the trail.
  10. jbillen

    Flatland Radiator Guards

    I ordered my Unabiker guards last Thursday from TT and got an email stating that they were on backorder. :-(
  11. So after a 15-year absence, I have decided to get back on a bike. I have questions. Background: I grew up trail riding with the family (brother and dad and cousins). Did a few enduros. Last dirt bile was something like a '84 XR 200. Then I got a street bike. . .a Honda Hawk, kept it for a few years, but have been idle since then. So I decided it was time to get back onto the trails. At first I bought a used '96 XR 400r. Then I decided that I wanted a newer model, so I sold some stuff (including the XR 400 to my dad) and bought an '05 DR-Z 400S, yellow. Questions to follow. . . 1) I have on order the following: a) Unibiker rad guards (red); 2) Enduro Engenineering hand guards and deflectors; 3) CFC engine plates. Have I made good decisons? 2) The kick-start kit sounds very appealing. Thoughts? 3) Tank. . .Should I get a plasic tank to save weight? 4) Front disc guard. . .recommendations? 5) Jetting. . .should I pay a wrencher to jet it given that I am at 5,000 feet? 6) Pipe - Worth the expense for a returning trail rider? 7) Tires. I bought some 606's for the trail, but I did not like them on the road, so I had the stock tires put back on. Worth $70 to get the 606's back on before the trail? That's all for now Thanks