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  1. im4given

    2006 KTM 625 SXC Specs

    I just got through riding my 04 625 SXC all over the woods yesterday; with tons of fairly tight single track and yeah; with longer wheel base, and the obviously greater weight - it's a bit of a beast compared to some of my former trail bikes (DRZ 400; 400 EXC; 250 EXC) but man; nothing like riding 60 miles to your favorite riding area; getting off the road - riding about 40 miles of trails; then ride home again; simply put, there is no other bike I'd rather have (and I've owned most in the d/s category) for that type of riding. Yeah, several bikes will do the job; but with one BIG exception; unlike the others, the KTM has gobs of usable power baby
  2. im4given

    Is Taneum full of hunters right now?

    I was out there riding Tuesday and didn't see anyone except for one other small group of riders - saw no one else all day; pretty amazing as it was 70deg and sunny also, someone made a comment about it being a dedicated OHV area. That is not correct; in fact; I just noticed recently that they specifically state on some of the signs out there that that it is not a dedicated OHV area.
  3. im4given

    anyone riding tomorrow?

    thanks but I don't really have the bike (nor the body) for track riding any more; although I hear they have a pretty tame track there.. but I much prefer the trails
  4. im4given

    anyone riding tomorrow?

    that's about a three hour drive for me (Moses Lake that is) when you thinking of going?
  5. im4given

    anyone riding tomorrow?

    or Friday or some time next week? I'm an old and slow rider (I rarely crash that way ) looking for some riding companions to ride with in Cap Forest before it gets wet or closed down for the season.. will also ride Belfair, Reiter, Elbe; wherever
  6. KTM actually only makes one dual sport bike - the 640 Adventure (some might call the 950 a dual sport, but not me; that's more of an adventure touring bike) I have a plated 400 and it's ok for hopping on the road to connect trails, but it's not also not a dual sport bike in my opinion.
  7. I wouldn't pay more then $1500 for a 94 model - I sold my 97 a little more then two years ago with 14k miles and tons of aftermarket gear for $1900 They weigh around 360lbs or so. They are underpowered; have terrible suspension and front brake; but still all in all a decent bargain; mostly for the economic value and the fact that they are by far the most talked about, ridden and well known dual sport machine on the planet; well - at least in the USA I still might own one again some day to have around as a loaner bike or a back up (if it just wasn't so gutless)
  8. im4given

    Any week day riders out there?

    Taneum is near Cle Elem and has some great trails - some of the upper trails will start to get snow now (some have already from what I've heard) I'm in my mid forties and I ride like it (whatever that means ) but in general I keep it at a moderate pace - I'm never at the front of the pack, and seldom at the rear
  9. im4given

    This forum sucks!!!!!!

    anyone else find it a bit ironic that the guy posts a message; essentially flaming everyone else; but doesn't respond to his own criticts?
  10. im4given

    Any week day riders out there?

    yes; the 3rd would be good for me - where you thinking of riding?
  11. im4given

    Any week day riders out there?

    I'm in Renton; but wouldn't mind traveling for a weekday ride; cap forest; Walker; Reiter etc.
  12. im4given

    WA DMV odometer requriements

    well that seems legitimate; I hadn't noticed the checkbox on the back of the title till you mentioned it thanks friend
  13. im4given

    Riding GP this Sunday (07/31)

    I'll be up that way Sunday too; but we'll probably ride that loop on Saturday and ride Boundary Trail on Sunday; but maybe we'll bump in to ya if our plans change.. I'll be on an all black (except for the tank) KTM 400 have fun!
  14. im4given

    WA DMV odometer requriements

    Just bought a used, plated KTM 400 EXC with an Oregon plate. The bike is fully street legal with turn signals, headlight, brake light, mirror and even a horn. The only thing the bike doesn’t have is an odometer. It has a Trailtech computer but the PO put that on a couple of years after new. So my question is whether anyone knows if we have any type of odometer exception here as they do in Oregon. I have a form from the Oregon DMV that is a statement of “Exception from Odometer Disclosure Requirements” and one of the choices on the form is “The vehicle was not equipped with an odometer at the time of manufacture.” Now I’m not holding my breath that Washington has a similar exception rule so wondering how others might have handled this in a completely legal and ethical manner as that is the only way I would consider doing this. -newman