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    Well I can see everyones point of few. This is JMO, but I think the reason 4 strokes sound louder from a distance isnt because its necessarly much louder, but because of the power delivery. I can hear people in the distance at my house and the person on the 4stroke stays on the throttle alot more the the guy on the 2stroke. I hear the 2stroke in and out,but the 4stroke its like he's steadily on the throttle. Thats jmo. As for the harley's, It seems the guys on the harleys are all for their bikes being loud. Dirtbikers seem not only concerened about sound issues but about better power advantage from upgrading their exhaust systems. From listening to harley guys talk it seems they just want there bikes redicously loud because they want to be heard and seen and seems the harley guys are more about trend or whatever. I was driving to work and there were two harley guys in the lane next to me. There bikes were straight piped and not only were the extremely loud as they were getting on the gas but as soon as they let off the throttle the noise was just out of this world I assume from the backfiring from them being straight piped. I drive a diesel,had the windows up and the radio on and it was hurting my ears,I couldnt stand it. I would like seeing something done about that. Also,when at work for instance today, I work in town where there are businesses on both sides of the road and acts as a tunnel. Guys on harleys would ride by and down shift and there bikes would scream,that or they would rev it up or lay on the gas just to make the bikes loud. I dont understand how they dont get tickets or catch crap from the police for disturbing the peace for sound ordiance. Just wanted to throw my feelings about noise into the bunch. Im all for quieter exhaust systems to help out with riding areas closing down. Im 21 years old, I have alot of friends that think loud exhausts being "cool", but im always trying to talk them into quieting them down. I think having a places to ride alot cooler then having a bike being extremely loud.
  2. cchrider

    New here, first bike, 03 YZ250F

    Idk if my previous post appared or not. For some reason its not showing on my computer that I posted in this thread. But im going to repost it. In that last pic that is your decompression plug. They can pop out and leak oil. That looks like a home made contraption of some sort to keep the plug in. You can get aftermarket plugs for like 20 or 30 bucks I believe.
  3. cchrider

    New here, first bike, 03 YZ250F

    That last pic is the decompression plug. That isnt factory, Idk if it blew out and a homemade contraption fabricated to keep it in there. Idk,you can get aftermarket decomp. plugs for like 20 or 30 bucks tho.
  4. cchrider

    Help on 03 YZF 250 after rebuild

    I just went through the top end on my 05. I ended up getting my timing off. I made the mistake of setting the timing on the punch mark on the flywheel. Its supposed to be set on the "I". There is the letter "H" and then the letter "I", almost spelling the word hi. Make sure timing is set on the I. Make sure your cams are sitting in the cam journals proporley. I accidently had my exhaust cam off set. Thankfully I didnt fire it up like that. Check those, and those vids that Howard posted are great,and go back and read your manual. I cant tell you how many times I read through that manual. Another thing to check is make sure your clips are in the cam caps and make sure you torqued them down in sequence. Dont want to warp the head.
  5. cchrider

    Wont start after new top end...

    Ok guys it runs!! I didnt have the exhaust cam set right. I got everything torqued back down,oil and coolant in it and it runs good. Ive only left it idle since im doing the break in right now. It is an 05,mine has that oil plug just wasnt sure if I could add the oil there,or what. I know on my YFZ450 you had the oil tank,but you put some in the crankcase. I also got that clutch pivot arm figured out. I bought the bike from my buddy I grew up with,he bought it new.Thats why I wanted it since I knew everything about the bike. I went with the 08 piston since it was a slight higher compression but because that was the only one I could seem to find. Anyways, thanks again guys.
  6. cchrider

    Wont start after new top end...

    I knew about the clip, so I guess everything is ok then. Again, I know im being paranoid about alot of things, just trying to make sure I get everything right on this before I start it. If im standing up,over looking the motor, the opening that the cam chain is, the exhaust cam sprocket hangs out alittle bit more then the intake cam sprocket. Again,could be me being paranoid. But,the clip should be fine in the grooves because with the cam caps on I can rock both cams back and fourth and there isnt any resistance. Also, I know there should be 12 dots on the cam chain to also insure the timing is set right. Are those dots being measured starting the first dot or pin on the chain to the right of the timing mark on the exhaust cam to thedot or pin on the chain of the timing mark on the left side of the intake cam? And my bike is an 05. It has the two plugs on the side of the case,and also has the dipstick on the top left side of the frame. Just seems to take forever getting oil in the damn thing because the dipstick hole is so small. Thanks again for the help. Sorry about all the questions im asking.
  7. cchrider

    Wont start after new top end...

    ok well I just got TDC with the "I" mark on the flhywheel, got my cams in and dots lined up. Once I get back from class tonight ill finish it up. I had a quick question tho. I know the cams can only go in one way. But if your looking at the cam sprockets,the exhaust cam sits out alittle further then the intake. Is that right? Im sure its nothing to worry about since they can only sit in the head one way, with the cam chain on I can rock the cam sprockets back and fourth alittle bit so there is nothing binding. Charlie, I appreciate the tips. In the morning im going to get a fresh plug and some fuel. KJ, I will try that tonight once I get everything back together and torqued down. And no it doesnt spin 360 degrees, I have moved it in the direction the clutch cable pulls it tho, but I will trying putting the cable on and working it alittle bit. One more silly question, the oil hole on the frame. The only method I have that I use to put oil in since the hole is so small, takes forever. I work at oreilly and we dont have a funnel small enough to fit in that hole. I was actually using the top cap of a lucas oil bottle,but takes forever. Thanks again guys for all the help.
  8. cchrider

    Wont start after new top end...

    No i havnt even hooked up the clutch cable yet because there isnt any tension on the shaft. I can take my finger and with VERY little pressure,turn the shaft left to right.
  9. cchrider

    Wont start after new top end...

    Nope I never did anything with the clutch. Only thing I did is the pivot shaft on the left side of the case that the cable connects to,I dissconected that. Didnt tear into the clutch,and didnt do anything with the cable or perch.
  10. cchrider

    need your opinion

    I to am curious on this, havent heard much about the devoul brand lowering links. But the yamalink ive heard some good things on. I was considering that myself. Any idea's on the price of both products?
  11. cchrider

    coolant for wr250f

    I would flush it. When I was racing quads cross country I always ran I believe the green automotive antifreeze. The bike I just bought from my buddy he always ran engine ice and gave me a jug of it. I never had a problem running the automotive coolant,never overheated or anything. But I knew alot of guys running the engine ice and they all seemed happy with it.
  12. cchrider

    Spare parts suggestions?

    Clutch and throttle cables, handlebars,chain and sprockets,wheels,brakes,tires. All those except the wheels are common things that either get damaged or wear. Heck,depending how many hours he has on the bike and the condition may look into the cylinder head. If hes getting rid of parts really cheap you may could pick the head up cheap. Either a good back up,or go ahead and have it rebuilt. I dont know if yours has been freshened up but its an 06 so depending on the amount of hours and how well the maintance has been done on your bike from the previous owner I would consider that.
  13. cchrider

    Wont start after new top end...

    Ok guys I REALLY appreciate it. My first time doing this on my own so its pretty much kept me on my toes. I think I will go back and check out those video's one more time. As for the oil, I had planned on once I broke it in changing the oil and filter. Still reccomand I change it now? Also, do I need to remove the tensionar assembly to do this or can I just wind the tensionar in? And I still am trying to figure that clutch pivot shaft out. I can maybe try to post pics if it would help anyone out. Like I said I looked at my friends 05 and the spring seems to be in the same postion as his. As for the pics, if someone wouldnt mind maybe PM'ing me on how to do that? Again, thanks guys so much, if it wasnt for TT and you guys my bike would still be in pieces right now. Does feel pretty good ive done this and been able to figure most of the problems out on my own. Thanks again
  14. cchrider

    Clutch plates?

    I to have had the best luck out of OEM parts. Thats what I usually continue to run.
  15. cchrider

    Wont start after new top end...

    Ok guys I just went out and check TDC. Now I thought that the punch mark on the flywheel was TDC. But after again going back and looking in my manual it doesnt show a punch mark at all. On the flywheel there is an H and then a I, almost spelling the word HI. Is TDC aligned with the I? In my manual im assuming thats what that is. That would make sense if that is my problem because again,im getting fuel,im getting spark from the plug, and the carb was setup fine before I tore the bike down for the top end. Now hopefully this is my problem. If it is, did I ruin my valves by chance with it being out of time? I kicked it over quit abit but it never fired. Also, if I have to reset time, will I have to drain the oil out of it again? And the sidecover gasket and the cam chain tensioner gasket,will they have to be replaced again? Howard, I just rubbed some oil on the cyclinder wall,cam lobs,and bearings,and the cam chain. I didnt soak anything or anything like that. Just tried to rub some motor oil on moving parts so it had some lubrication for starting.