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  1. My father who owned the bike before me got factory connections suspension and it really isnt right for me. Does anyone know how to tune it or should I just bring it in? Thanks, Stephen
  2. StevieG1223

    92 rm125 no spark :-(

    Sup everybody, my 1992 RM125 that I just bought back off the person I sold it to for 400 has no spark. I opened up the ignition cover and saw that the coil pulser magnet was snapped. So I bought a flywheel puller and a new coil pulser and installed it. It had spark from then on for about 4 hours then broke again. Is there anything I can test before I buy the whole OEM electrical system? Thanks, Stephen
  3. StevieG1223

    how much would you pay?

    1500.. I dont think you need to do all that before selling it either.
  4. StevieG1223

    CR125 or CR250

    125.. they kick ass anyhow
  5. buy the KTM.. great trail bikes meant for big rough technical trails.. (the 2 stroke ones )
  6. I dont know if anyone read my thread from about two months ago where I said how ugly the 99's are with the huge side panels. Well I think the factory backing numbers and the one industries graphics kit deffinitly turned it into a whole new looking machine. Check out the pic in my garage and leave me some feedback. Thanks, Stephen
  7. StevieG1223


    I would of kept on riding as long as it wasnt before 6am or after 9:30pm. Its not like people yell at other people who have weedwackers tractors etc. (which BTW is 35 million times louder then my CR250). Its just because you were on a dirtbike. Sh!t like that happens all the time around here.
  8. StevieG1223

    Best 2007 Off-Road 450cc

    ^^^ Thats a POS dont listen to stuff like that.
  9. StevieG1223

    What do you think? Scam? Legit?

    what is this??? I get them too but they are too stupid to proofread it and have it make sence. LOL what if there is really some guy who needs all these dirtbikes hahahah
  10. decently modified ttr 125? crf 150? drz/klx 125???? Thanks in advance
  11. StevieG1223

    What is the right handlebar for me?

    After looking at the chart I agree that the CR LOW bend seems to be right for me. Thanks for everyones help
  12. StevieG1223

    What is the right handlebar for me?

    wait what is sweep?... i want the bars that are closest to me as the rider.
  13. I want the handlebar with the least vibration. Also, I am a shorter rider who ride a 250 two stroke and when im leaning back threw the whoops I accidently sometimes give it a blip of throttle that tosses me back. So the question is, what bend comes back the furthest? Thanks
  14. How do I lower it about 2 inches without spending 35 million dollars?