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  1. Are they waiving the membership fee???
  2. Let's start off with the easy checks........have you tried a new plug?
  3. I bought mine last year for $2300. It didn't have any upgrades, but the motor was strong with low hours on it. The guy never raced it. I have friends that have been riding for quite some time, with new rides, that are enamored with my bike!! Like someone said earlier, it all depends on where you live and what condition the bike is in.
  4. Before you break down the carb, I would change the plug out! Mine did this last season and I put in a new plug. No problems since!!!
  5. Welcome to the site. I don't know about the wrap-around brake line for the 426, as I own a 400, but thought I would say, "What up"!!
  6. My family likes to ride at the IMI Motorsports Complex in Erie. We're not too advanced, but this spot gives us a chance to try everything out!!!
  7. Shout out..........What up from Littleton!!
  8. I know you already did this, but check your plug again. Try a new one and make sure the gap is correct.
  9. I'd like to get my hands on one of those!! Thanks!
  10. Try to get some pics!
  11. Ahh, the old "Barter-System"!! Gotta love it! I say, "Use it when you can!"
  12. I had the same problem about three weeks ago. Hit a tree and bent the line near the brake fluid reservoir. It not only bent the banjo bolt, it stretched it out as well. I would put a whole new line in, rather than trying to fix the old one!!
  13. George, Do you have any trips planned yet for the 2006 season? Please let me know if do and what dates. I'm looking to attend one your family trips next season! Thanks, Jay
  14. Between the cr125 and the YZ's you mentioned? Uh, yeah. A huge difference!!!
  15. I'm going to have to go with the 99 400, but only because I bounced off a tree doing 30 mph and nothing happened to the bike!!