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  1. danath 34

    First Date With Eddie At SSW.

    man I am envious... Wish I had the money to do a SSW makeover like this... Maybe after i pay off the busa... man, Im just content on being broke forever, arent I??
  2. danath 34

    Differences in FCR Models?

    ah. well Ive got a JD kit, so I would likely throw that in as well then.
  3. danath 34

    Differences in FCR Models?

    thats it??
  4. danath 34

    Differences in FCR Models?

    ok so the MX is better. Thats what I'll want then... I imagine Eddie's pricing is the same as the TT store's kit, right? Im gonna have to save up for a while... Any idea what I could hope to fetch if I turned around and sold my stock carb?
  5. danath 34

    Differences in FCR Models?

    This has probably been asked before... but I did a search and couldnt find anything. Can anyone explain to me the differences/advantages/disadvantages to the different FCR 39 models? I know some E's had FCR39's of one kind... YZ426's had FCR39's (were they MX'S?) and theres the FCR39MX... What does "flatside" mean? "Slant"? I imagine some are newer and some are older... Will they all perform the same? Ideally, which one should be sought out? I have been considering calling up junkyards and seeing if they had any older E's or YZ426's that I could pull the carb off to stick on my S... But if, for example, the MX performs better, I would rather go with that... Thanks!
  6. danath 34

    33bhp restrictor

    oh man... Well as I live stateside, I cant help much. I think you would have to determine what exactly the law says. Does the bike have to be restricted to 33hp from the factory? Or can it be modified to do so? That is where your answer will lie. I do know that there are hayabusa models sold in the UK which have some kind of added restrictor from the factory, which can be removed in 10 minutes to have a full fledged hayabusa. I just wouldnt know if the law over there states the restriction must be included in the bike as it leaves the factory, or just that it is there, regardless of when it was put on.
  7. danath 34

    Handguards + Bars

    How do they hold up? I have heard some bad things about emgo handguards. And I also like how the HDB guards have the option for a mini fold-out mirror on either side. Yeah, I think it will make it a lot better for standing. Thats why I chose the Pastrana FMX bend, because it is a really high rise, so I shouldnt have to worry about risers as well.
  8. danath 34

    Handguards + Bars

    Hi all, So its been a VERY long time since I was last here... I got a hayabusa and have been too busy riding that to spend much time with the good ol' DRZ. As such, my 400 S has been sitting quite a while, and needs some work. I have decided to do some upgrades on it, and get back into trail riding. Here is one of the things on my list. I was considering these handguards, and selecting the pre-tapped pro taper bars to go with. I was thinking of going with the Pastrana FMX highrise bend because I am a taller guy, and have never been comfortable standing, as the bars were always too low. Has anyone installed these handguards on a DRZ? I think since it allows you to specify the top clamp bolt pattern, it should be mountable on any bike, right? Does anyone know the top clamp bolt pattern for the DRZ-S? http://www.highwaydirtbikes.com/HDB_Shop/index.php?app=ccp0&ns=prodshow&ref=BYO_HG&sid=056f115312582581ub21k5o3k8892qce
  9. thanks alot for everything guys. I will be buying soon and am looking into that rhc kit that was mentioned above.
  10. Thanks alot guys. So when I buy the cylinder head assy, the cam cap comes on it? What happened, one of the bolts came loose, and the cap snapped, the camshaft came up and chewed up the area around it. Do I have to buy new camshafts to match the head as well? or can I use my old ones?
  11. Hi, I need to order an exaust camshaft guide. I am not sure if this is the actual name for this part. It is the bracket holding down the camshaft. I have looked at the TT store OEM section, but the camshaft section does not include the guide, and the section for cylinder head does not give a parts number for the guide, even though it shows it in the schematic.
  12. danath 34

    Warning To All Drz Owners

    last time the engine was opened, it was at the dealer. By the way, I'm not saying that this is a problem for all drz owners, I just want to get some attention to the issue as I have never seen something like it before.
  13. danath 34

    Warning To All Drz Owners

    no, i never trusted anyone else with my bike, except for the prelim stuff, but they shouldnt have touched the camshaft, right? And its way outa warrenty. I also didnt have to do anything at all to the engine, never gave me problems until that came up
  14. danath 34

    Warning To All Drz Owners

    About 6 months ago I stopped posting on here, because my bike broke down. I have a 2006 S with about 12k miles. What happened, I pulled into a parking lot and let off the throttle, and heard a loud POP, and pulled in the clutch and coasted into a parking spot as it died. I got real buisy with football and everything, so I just left it there and didnt touch it. About a week and a half ago I finally got around to oppening it up. I thought at first that it was the stock ACCT, but was confused because I knew that after 2003 they are more reliable. I opened it all up, and checked it all out. Here is what I found The camshaft guide on the exaust camshaft was snapped in half! On further inspection, I noticed that the bolts holding it on one side were so loose i could easily turn them with my fingers. Thus, what happened, that side got so loose that the guide on that side came up, and then snapped, allowing the camshaft to move up. It then chewed the metal below it on the head, and stopped opening the valves. I thought that these important parts were lock-tited down, but I looked at the threads and there was nothing on them. I would suggest that everyone should open theirs up and lock-tite these parts; it got so loose I could turn it with my fingers. P.S. Does anyone have a used head laying around?
  15. danath 34

    Oil Leak

    Hey dont feel like a complete idiot, I did the exact same thing on my first oil change. Yes, there was an O-ring. You should be able to re-use it when you put the cover back on, but you pinched it, and you need to get a new one, its not too much. If you look around the cover you might be able to see it pinched for verification, but i am 99% sure you did. Just buy a new one, add a little oil to it, and carefully slide the cover back on and do not pinch it this time lol.