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  1. mdek

    Scotts Damper

    I had one on my 03 and am about to buy an 05 crf. I will not put one on the 05. I don`t think it`s worth the $$ Mark
  2. I`m not trying to start a fight here, but i am confused. How many cc do you all put in your bikes. There was never any debate with the yamahas on how much oil to put in. I just switched over to a crf from a wr and want to make sure I don`t f*$%k anything up. Thanks Mark
  3. 2000 wr 400 great condition, oil changed every 2 rides. new front and rear fender (yz) and rear tire. renthal bars, clarke/sdg tank seat combo. fmf powercore 4sa pipe with correct jetting. The bike runs great I am just trying to make room for my crf. call or email for photos or info. $3500 Mark 8189804782
  4. mdek

    hairline crack

    there is a hairline crack in the left engine cover by the oil fill plug on the engine oil side of my 03 crf. it does not seem to go all the way through (I can see when I remove the oil fill plug that it does`nt go all the way through) has anyone else seen anything like this on their crf? Mark
  5. mdek

    works connection skid plate

    bikewriter, are your brackets also really close to the cases on the front mounts? Mark
  6. for those of you that installed a works connection skid plate, I just put mine on and the brackets that clamp around the fame are awfully close to the crankcase. Are they all like that? It worries me a little. I would hate for them to gouge the crankcse. There is a little clearance but not much. I am not sure how much the motor moves when it is working. Mark
  7. mdek

    top triple clamp

    for those of you who changed the top triple clamp on your crf, did you go with rubber mounted or non rubber mounted bars?
  8. mdek

    auto clutch issues

    ot to be rude but why? Mark
  9. mdek

    crf 450 price

    how should I expect to pay out the door for an 03 crf 450. I think a friend of a friend payed $6200 otd, and if anyony got it cheap around L A which dealer? thanks Mark
  10. mdek

    crf 450 vs wr 450

    thanks guys mark
  11. mdek

    crf 450 vs wr 450

    sorry lads, i should have looked before I posted and I would have seen the exact same post. marl
  12. mdek

    crf 450 vs wr 450

    I have a 2000 wr 400 which I like alot and want to get a new bike but still want to keep my wr. I was going to get a new wr450 but then I figure I will have 2 of the same bikes. you see my dilema. How is the crf in the desert? reliability? I read something about having to freshen up the topend every 10-15 hrs (sounds like crap to me). are they pretty good right out of the box or do you have to mess with them alot like the yamahas? thanks Mark
  13. 2001 xr 400 fmf powerbomb header, powercore 4 SA pipe, renthal bars, baja kit (street legal) with plate only has been ridden 96 miles. $4500 firm Mark fourperf@earthlink.net
  14. mdek


    teamscream is the man. I saw him at neptunes net on sunday whilst on a ride with some friends and after recognizing his killer super motard bike from seeing pictures posted here I asked him if he was on thumpertalk. He said yes and we talked fore a while. Anyway after he left he popped tghe most insane wheelie down pch, I don't know how long it was (it seemed at least a mile). Lots of hoots and hollers from the crowd and by the way the bike looks even better than it does on the net in person. later Mark