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  1. Well i'm ready to replace my brake pads on my 05, and with so many to chose from, i can't afford the best, but i don't want to put the cheapest on either, i mostly ride in the woods, any advice would be appreciated, mike
  2. oop's
  3. HELP - i lost the owners manual to my boys bike, any suggestions where to buy or download a copy (free maybe)?
  4. hey-thanks alot guys, you all have been very helpfull, by the way, the oil is not milky, and my boy says he isn't idleing, that steam shoots out from underneith, then quits, it's over my head, but i did order some engin ice, thanks again, mike p.s. remember = if you can't do it in the dirt, do it in the road....
  5. my boys bike has been overheating, about three times now, i can't find any leaks in the hoses, and the radiators have coolent in em, any ideas, whats up, thanks---------an old time rider: eek:
  6. Ok call me stupid, but i need to know, can you use WD40 on o-ring-x-ring chains, i know it's a solvent, but will it damage the rings, thanks, mike
  7. Well, i went with a 52 tooth sprocket, now i need a longer chain, most of my ridding is in the woods, i'm not sure of what type, o-ring, non o-ring, x-ring, any advice is grateful. thanks
  9. If you guys haven't heard of this place for anodized honda parts, it's definitely the best i've found, fair pricing, quality stuff (usa), and great people to deal with, they make kik ass parts. wo trigger,
  10. Thanks, thats good to know, still can't figure out why it did what it did.
  11. Applied my first set of graphics over the weekend, and everything turned out great except one of the fork graphics, the left one looks chity, there is like white bloches behind the clear parts of the graphics, it was cold out, but i heated the garage first, used windex and a blow dryer, and the right one looks good, where did i go wrong, any help would be appreciated, mike
  12. anybody got the time to tell me, that if you install a hot cam in a stock crf250r 05, do you or should you do anything else to the motor, and if you should, could you tell me what else needs to be done, i'm still new to all this. thanks
  13. Hi guys, getting back into dirt biking after 20 years, there's so many products out there, was wanting opinion's on tusk and topar products from rocky mountain, good, so so, or stay away from. dirt bikers rule, i love this sight,