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  1. markl

    Any opinions on this "fix"??

    I'm sending my head in on Monday. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=872341
  2. markl

    Any opinions on this "fix"??

    Has anybody tried this head fix yet?? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=350361261679&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT http://fastheads.com/?page_id=4
  3. markl

    07 450x headpipe

    Thanks for the accurate info! (your 450x is one of the coolest I've ever seen) If your ever in the Sacto. area look me up. Markl
  4. markl

    2006 trx450r question

    I broke the frame on my 06 & even with an extended warranty from honda they wouldn't fix it. I bought a gusset kit from Bare Performance, had it welded up & no problems so far. Only now the frame needs to be re powdercoated.
  5. markl

    07 450x headpipe

    Anybody know if an 05,06 or 07 450r headpipe will fit on a 07 450x? Or will a 05,06 450x headpipe fit on a 07 450x? (I tried a search but no definative results) Thanks!!
  6. Yeah I bought a Bare Performance gusset kit this weekend & am having it welded in tomorrow. I'll have to wait for powdercoat until fall/winter when there aren't so many great riding days. Hopefuly the $399.00 I get back from Honda "Protection Plan" will cover the frame repair/repowdercoat. "JUST SAY NO TO "EXTENDED WARRANTYS"!!!!!
  7. I've got a 06 450r w/ a cracked frame, Honda says it wouldn't have cracked under "normal riding conditions". They are denieing the claim even though I paid $399.00 for the "Honda Protection Plan". Do yourself a favor & get your $$$ money back for your "extended warranty"!!!
  8. markl

    Downhiller's at Mammoth Bar

    I too also used to ride a downhill bike, only I had enough brains to ride on days other than Sun, Mon, Thurs, Friday (the days Mammoth bar is open to OHV's) Right now w/ the track being closed along w/ most of the other trails @ M.B. due to "restoration" ther just isn't enough room for these wannabe MX'ers. On Superbowl Sunday this year I was hit head on by a young kid on a 250 near the upper part of M.B., he was easily in forth gear coming around a blind corner on the inside of the trail. His father came & picked him up, put him back on his bike & rode away as I struggled to my feet. No "are you Ok", "hows your bike?" Nothing!!! WHITE TRASH P.O.S.!!! So it's obvoius to me that just the OHV's are overcrowding the sparse areas that are currently open @ Mammoth Bar, why share the little that we have w/ these loosers on there $5k bicycles? Yeah I know, I used to be one of those loosers. Until I walked into the local Honda shop & saw I could have something w/ a motor & 12 " of travel for the same $$ I had into a bicycle. http://www.parks.ca.gov/wm_email/?domain_id=1&page_id=1343 Its been way over a year since the track washed away in the Dec. 05 storms. Clink on the above link & let the state know that we need our track re-opened!! Ther just isn't enough room w/ the track closed for us all to ride & have a good time.
  9. markl

    CRF250X PLEASED or REGRET your purchase

    I also have an 05 that needed the valves, springs & head replaced after about 4 months. I wouldn't have put the $ into the bike if I didn't enjoy riding it so much. If I had to do it again (or ever come up w/ some more $$$) I'd buy a 06 450x & do the same mods I did to the 250. I rode one a couple of days ago & the power is awesome. Defiantly worth the extra $500.00
  10. markl

    250X rebuild

    I just finished a top end re-build on a 05 250x that was purchased in August 05. I went w/ the 06 R head, Hot Cams Stage 1, Kibblewhite Black Diamond valves & spring kit. If you get the same parts the only other things you'll need is the valve keepers (14781-mat-000) 2 per valve, 8 total, head gasket (12251-krn-731) exhaust gasket (18291-mm5-860) a couple of quarts of oil & coolant. I spent roughly $800.00 on everything You will also probably have to re-shim the valves but that will be determined after the cam is installed. I've only ridden it twice since the re-build (one ride was for break in so that doesn't really count) but the improvement is substantial. Low & mid range power mostly, maybe some top-end as well. As far as reliability w/ the new parts only time will tell. If it ever stops raining in Nor-Cal I'll put some hours on it and re-check the valves again. If everything stays in spec. (like I think it will) then the 270 kit will be a definite option to consider.
  11. markl

    Xmas ASV lever package: now how do I install it?

    Yeah...........what he said!!!
  12. Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. For the last time, IT'S NOT PLASTIC YOU IGNORANT FU(K!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Yes my 05 has 4 "D" rings in the bed (1 in each corner) but like I said before I always use the movable tie-downs to haul anything. If hauling the dirtbike I use the two in the front only then slide the rear tire over against the opposite side of the bed & close the tailgate. I've been in the Toyota parts dept. and seen the "D" rings hanging on a display, If you need them they should be readily available. There really is NOTHING that I don't like about this truck, Every time I drive it somebody comments on how nice it looks. Check-out my garage under "other" to see the truck.
  15. markl

    Who is in the sacramento area..

    I'm in Roseville, Sunrise & Cirby area. Crf 250 & Predator 500 Quad. I've only been riding for just over a year now. Prairie city is good for beginners, lots of flat open areas to learn how to shift & brake. Not the best crowd & the rangers are D!ckheads (Rectum, I mean Rector is his name) Mammouth Bar is Great, Good crowd, Great trails, Great Rangers (The 2 Turners, & Pamela). Some of the better trails are closed for the winter, the track is best on Thursday A.M. (they usually groom it on tues. or wed.) I'll ride anytime, w/ anybody!!!! (Quad or Dirtbike)