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  1. 2001 F150 Supercrew with 163,000 miles In the last 4 years I had 2 plugs pop out. Both times I had to helicoil the head at around $1800. each time. Whole front end has been replaced as well as shocks and rear axel oil seals. In the last 4 years about $10,000 in repairs. Probably too much but the truck still runs good. I would not get anything for a trade in so I'll keep it just to pull the motocross trailer. Overall a decent truck concidering what it has been through!
  2. WarriorFrank

    YZ Pipe On a WR

    I did it on my 2000 WR400 and the difference was like night and day. It is still working today!!
  3. WarriorFrank

    sprocket change ?

    I went to a 50 rear and with the Athena 290 it ran through the gears too fast. I had to shift constantly. With the 290 it can pull the stock 48 rear so I went back to that. I have more control and it is easier to keep the front pointed straight not skyward.
  4. WarriorFrank

    your yz/wr in action

    Athena 290 Kit, Awesome power:applause: :ride:
  5. WarriorFrank

    Will it fit?

    After some more research with my dealers help, the caliper is very different, so I am leaning on ordering the stock '06 disk. I am in a time crunch since we race tonight and I can't afford to be wrong. Thanks for the replies.
  6. WarriorFrank

    Will it fit?

    I need some help from the experts. Will a '07 front wave rotor fit on an '06. We just discovered that the front brake disk on our '06 YZ250F is bent. I would like to put on a new style wave disk when I buy it. Will it fit? Thank's in advance.
  7. WarriorFrank

    Well I did it

    I went down from a WR400 to an 06 YZ250f and love it. We added the Athena 290 kit since I loved the low end grunt of the 400. My sons and I all race the bike now in different classes, even my daughter raced it before she got her new bike. With the Athena kit you do not sacrifice all the power loss from the 450F but you gain all of the handeling characteristics of the much lighter and nimble 250F. This combination is really good.
  8. WarriorFrank

    New and in need of help!

    Well on the way up to the cottage I went to the dealer and picked up a new clutch. I opened it up and found that it was worn. After installing the new clutch everything works great. No grooves on the basket, and the pull is silky smooth. Adjustment is 3 click out from full in and it works great. I think that I will like this clutch setup. It was very clean inside and the bike is pretty nice. The inside was very similar to the inside of the YZF, both are '06s and do not have very much use. Thanks for all the replies.
  9. WarriorFrank

    New and in need of help!

    The bike has been raced regulary and has not been sitting. My understanding is that the it is still the original clutch. I have purchased a new one and will take it apart this weekend. I have had a similar experience with our 06 YZ250F and a new clutch fixed that quickly. I did notice that the KTM feels very clunky when you down shift snd I guess that could be a result of the clutch being worn. I will report after the weekend.
  10. I just brought home our first KTM, 2006 SXF250 that has all the bells and whistles set up by our local dealer. In fact it was his wifes bike, all lowered for a short rider. Perfect for my daughter. But here is the issue. We started it up and it runs perfect. Pull in the clutch, put it in first and the bike lurches forward and dies. Cant start in gear because ithe clutch seems to be dragging. Can barley push the bike while the clutch is pulled in. OK, i guess the clutch needs to be adjusted. I adjust the red knob under the lever counter clockwise (left hand thread) and try again, it s better but still has the same symptoms. Adjusted it all the way and it still is not releasing. Do I need a new clutch to solve this or is there another fix or adjustment that I need to do. Please help!!
  11. WarriorFrank

    are 290s meant to be noisy?

    We just had our put in last week and there is no more noise than before. In fact it is quite quiet. After jetting it works like a dream. It pulls right from the bottom. Very strong.
  12. WarriorFrank

    Athena 290 kit

    What about jetting on the Athena kit. I am just about to install the kit but want a baseline to start with, fatter? or leaner? Is the JD jet kit good for this bike with or without the Athena kit?
  13. WarriorFrank

    Back in the dirt after 20 years with 05 WR450

    45 years young and having recovered from a femur fracture resulting from a snowmobile accident, I started motox racing this year. What a blast. All 3 of my kids race and I was getting sick of just being the wrench so I started this year riding my oldest sons YZ250F, then my youngest sons YZ125, then I got my 2000 WR400. People on this fourm seem to think that the WR does not do a good job on the track but I will dissagree. The track where we ride has a lot of jumps and the WR does them all except 1, and that is because I am scared of it. Being back in the saddle is a great feeling. Also this fourm is a great source of information. Thanx