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  1. bweeden

    Coppewr Classic 3/21

    I am looking forward to riding with traction. Should I remove my studs?
  2. bweeden

    Coppewr Classic 3/21

    Thanks, I will pick up the backgrounds before I leave
  3. bweeden

    Coppewr Classic 3/21

    I am coming down from NH also for this race, if we dont have numbers will they let us race? I am not in it for the points, just want to do a race in AZ
  4. bweeden

    Gncc Is On Right Now

    what channel?
  5. bweeden

    What Rider Weight are KTMs set up for?

    I am 155, more with gear and I can hit the numbers (sag)
  6. bweeden

    525 EXC Question

    Definatly want a JD kit, your pipe is running hot
  7. bweeden

    DRZ 400 Vs 525exc

    KTM's will wear out a rear tire alot faster then the DRZ. Hmmm why is that:applause:
  8. bweeden

    450exc, the right tool for the job?

    I would choose the 450, I ride ALOT of single track, I weigh 150 lbs and have no problem at speed on the trail on the KTM, compared to my YZ 250 (handful on trails) the KTM excels and can hold its own if you happen to find a motocross track along the way
  9. bweeden

    KTM Service Manual

    PM vintage speedy over at KTM talk, he will air mail one to you cheap
  10. bweeden

    ktm sucks

    Lets go back to the arm pump thing, I rode an MX track today with a KTM, and your right, no arm pump, I didnt even think of it, it used to kill me on my YZ 250 and YZF 400, nothing on the KTM, nope nota, completely slipped my mind WOW
  11. bweeden

    Off Road Tire

    I am really looking foward to trying the Maxxis IT, but I have to wear out the 952 first, or put screws in it for the ICE
  12. bweeden

    Off Road Tire

    2nd ride, still no signs of wear, this thing is like iron
  13. bweeden

    Off Road Tire

    I am also a 756 fan, tried the michlen S-12, M-12 and it was scary in the NE woods, liked the bridgestone 402 but felt it wore too quickly, know I am using a dunlop 952 multi and after the first ride I absolutely love it, no signs of wear yet, all tried on a KTM 450 EXC, I also have a kenda and a maxxis to try.. I am definitely looking for the right tire. Right now we are rideing leave covered, trails with rocks and roots. PS flipped the bridgestone after 2 rides, bike would not hook up at all and finished it off in 1 ride
  14. bweeden

    05 450EXC overall impression?

    Tell him that he would be much more comfortable on the DRZ, and you buy the KTM, or at least put a mud flap on the KTM or you will need a chest protector. Ditto on the last post, a well taken care of bike will last forever, The DRZ is great for what is was designed for, but offroad the KTM rules