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  1. mohedano1

    2003 525sx shifter sticking-metal in oil

    Further inspection revealed the 1st fiber disc on the clutch had a 1/2" piece missing and the second fiber disc was cracked through in 1 section. All the steel plates looked good. So I guess it is clutch time, should I go '04 stock or EBC,Barnett,Hinson Kevlar? And what about flushing the motor for further debris retrieval if any?
  2. mohedano1

    2003 525sx shifter sticking-metal in oil

    It is a 525sx no starter or lights. I'm waiting on a few gaskets, then I will assembly the clutch, fill with oil, and see if anything is wrong...
  3. mohedano1

    2003 525sx shifter sticking-metal in oil

    I didn't think anyone would respond. I removed the clutch cover and there was a 1/8" X 1/16" chunk of metal stuck under the roller you pointed out. I didn't see any wear on any parts clutch side. I removed the clutch and the shifter shaft. I also removed the stator cover an all is well int here also. I have no idea where this metal chunk came from. There was also a few smaller chunks on my drain plug magnet. My clutch grabs good is there a certain measurement used to determine if the clutch needs replacement? The metal chunks didn't seem heavy duty or hardened steel so I have no idea what it is or from.Thanks for the Help!!!!
  4. At the track this weekend my '03 525sx was sticking in gear and hard to shift as the day progressed. A few times I had to pull off and stomp the shifter to get it in gear. I changed the oil today and have a few pieces that were stuck to the magnet on the oil plug. There was also shaving, but these are finger nail clipping type pieces. Anyone have an idea. I also filled with new oil and ran it around the block. It still sticks in gear a bit and clunks when I shift on the stand and when riding. LOOONG POST.... Thanks
  5. mohedano1

    Warp 9 rims.....are they any good?

    Do they make 17" supermoto set-up for KTM yet???
  6. mohedano1

    Pics of my Street Legal CRF 450

    Why is it NO GO in FL??? Can you post a list of street legal mods that you have done to your ride........ I appreciate the help!!!
  7. mohedano1

    Pics of my Street Legal CRF 450

    Sick rides!!! Any suggestions on getting my '03 KTM 525sx street legal in FL???
  8. mohedano1

    Pics of my WR450 street tard.

    Sharp looking ride... I would like to try and street-legal my '03 KTM 525sx , any suggestions????
  9. mohedano1

    Repair manuals

    Your telling me all these people with infinite wisdom have no idea about repair manuals.If I had any knowledge at all I'd tell you I promise!!!!!!
  10. Does anyone know if there are repair guides or manuals for an 03-525sx.I had my 1st ride on the new 2 me KTM and it was pretty good.Pulling power!!!!!!Thanks for the help......
  11. mohedano1

    Panama City Trails

    I ride logging trails off hwy 79 on panama city beach.Let me know if you want to roll,I just bought a KTM 525sx and need some seat time..
  12. mohedano1

    03 525sx oil

    What type,grade,& brand of oil is a good choice for my 03 525sx.I have a gsxr 750 and was under the impression that synthetic leads to slippage - so i use suzuki conventional oil in it.Thanks for the help.
  13. mohedano1

    03 525sx ?'s

    This is my 1st post.I recently bought a 03 525sx and was wondering about oil type,filters,valve adjustments,jetting,and any other 4 stroke maintenance issues.The bike has a pro circuit t4 silencer and I just ordered the " " head pipe.I also ordered some K&N oil filters.I've rode a cr 250 for a few years so thumpers are new to me.Thanks for the help. Oh yeah I'm in panama city,FL --- anyone ride around here --- I'm not much for the track but riverside by Dothan,Alabama is wide open and alright.