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  1. Anyone have any info on FL and getting a WR plated for the street? I ride in Ocala national forest, which has very strict rules about non-licensed vehicles on numbered forest roads.....if I could ride a WR on those roads, I'd be there a few times a week Thanks!
  2. WR450Rob

    muffler choice (hard decision)

    Yeah, most big name pipes now are at 96 dbs but WITH the quiet insert (except Q-series and Type-496) which anyone can attest to, will reduce SOME power. Going with a system that's quiet enough for your riding area without any insert is ideal. I personally love the sound of almost all aftermarket systems on the 450, but some people want to be quieter, even if they're not forced to. Systems like the FMF, PC, and Yoshi are NOT quiet without the quiet insert, so if you want a moderately quiet system without corking it by using an insert, consider something other than those you listed....look into Dr. D. and WB E2.
  3. WR450Rob

    muffler choice (hard decision)

    If you are concerned about noise, the Dr. D would be the best balance between power and noise. It'll produce similar db's uncorked to some systems WITH quiet core inserts. My HMF system on my 04 YFZ WITH quiet core is louder than a friend's w/ Dr. D system. I believe they rate the uncorked Dr. D system at 98 dbs or so. The Yoshi, FMF powercore, and PC T4 are all going to be 100+ dbs. I'm going to jump all over the Dr. D system before even picking up my 06 WR.
  4. WR450Rob

    2005 WR450 price....crap

    I'm with Clayton on that one! I am going to make the 24 hour round trip drive to Corinth, Mississippi in a couple months to pick up my 06. This is the best price I have ever seen, and no tax being from Florida I'll probably be paying around $2-300 more for the 06 due to the increase in MSRP. Lake Hill Motors If any of you want a Honda or Polaris powersport vehicle of ANY kind, check out Southern Honda in Chattanooga, TN. They have CRF450X's for only $5683 OTD!!!....for a $7199 retail bike!!! I wish there was a Yamaha dealership offering those kind of discounts. I have a friend who has gone to BOTH places to get bikes/quads and he had a great experience at both.
  5. WR450Rob


    While the WR comes somewhat lean from the factory, it's NOTHING compared to the YFZ!! My 04 YFZ came standard with a 158 main and a 42 pilot. Just a jetting change and the other free mods result in an easy 5-8 HP gain over stock. Granted it doesn't have a throttle stop, but just about as bad with the stock jetting. Yamaha doesn't want anyone with an "off-road" machine powered with the 450cc YZ motor to go fast I suppose.
  6. Yamaha likes putting them in what seems like a bad spot. My 04 YFZ450 quad has it right above the rear tire. No matter what crap gets thrown at it from the rear tire, it never once has had any issues. I think it would take some serious impact to hurt that tank.
  7. I am going to be buying my 06 WR450 soon, and want to start off with the right parts....mainly tires, considering the soft Florida terrain. What do you guys recommend for tires in sandy conditions? Every tire company has a soft terrain tire, but not all of them have a selection of 18" sizes. I've been eyeballing Maxxis SUR Cross, Dunlop D773, and Pirelli MT44 (from experiences on my old KX500). Any one of these, or any others worth considering? How are the stockers in soft terrain? (739s I think, right?) Thanks!!
  8. WR450Rob

    YZ Exhaust cam in 04 WR

    Nope...only more advance on the exhaust cam. Correct me if I'm wrong, but retarding the WR exhaust cam one tooth makes it equal to the YZ cam? At least that's the way it is on the YFZ, which also uses the WR exhaust cam.