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  1. i actually just had my crank go out with about 50 hrs on it. Everything else is perfect. my motor should be back soon. other than that this is the fastest bike that i have ever owned i will definatly be buyin an 07
  2. going to hitting the showroom floor any one know?
  3. Is a new cylinder not the head the cylinder? Thanks
  4. I have that apart it all looks normal. except the piston seems to have more movement than it should. Do you think it would be a good idea just to change the piston and the pin and everything and put it back together and see if that was the problem.
  5. Does anyone think that my problem could be coming from the piston. It still has compression but im wondering if it could be that or if my problem is deeper down.
  6. It makes the noise all the time in nuetral or in gear.
  7. It has about 40 45 hours on it. and yes it has the correct amount of oil in it
  8. it Is an 06. Yes the cam chain is tight. i check the piece of the tensioner by the fly wheel, the one that people sometimes have trouble with because it comes loose, but it is fine.
  9. Ok the last time that i went to ride my bike started to make a wierd rattleing noise, coming from the engine. I thought maybe something was loose so I checked all the bolts on the motor and other things. I started it and it would still make the same rattling noise. The next time I go ride the noise gets proggressively worse. It becomes more of a CLANK CLANK. the bike still starts easy the valves are fine it runs good. it just makes this noise. so i looked at the oil filter and there was a lot of metal all over it (alot). I have no clue what this could be if somebody could help me out. or if you need further information please ask. I do not want to ride it until its fixed. so I need help ASAP. Thank you.
  10. nope i cant tell feels normal to me.
  11. I'm trying to put my new fuel screw in so I can adjust it easier. But that hose that comes out the engine and wraps up around by the carb is in the way, when i try to adjust it. I was wondering what were some ways u guys have dealt with this. And would it matter if i just made it run straight to the back of the bike instead of having it wrap all they way around by the carb.
  12. How far out have some of you guys moved it from the standard 2 1/8 position. When I bought my 06 it backfired pretty bad and I had to adjust it 1 1/4 turns from the 2 1/8, to me that sounds like to much. and it still pops just not as bad.
  13. I was wondering where i can purchase the 2006 KX250F service manual from, I cant seem to find it. Also i was wondering what you guys think about the stainless steel oil filters. Thanks
  14. I'm selling it because im trying to get the 2006 KX250F.
  15. Where are some places to buy the 144cc or the 139cc kit for a 06 CR125R.