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  1. KillerYzf250

    Bleeding Rear Brake

    on my last ride i tore up my rear brake line so i put a new breaded steal on there, new brake oil and i worked all the bubbles out of the line so that oil came out by the brake, but i still can't get the brake to apply any pressure to the pad, but i think the brake piston might be fully extended yet pushing on nothing. Idk, im inexperienced in the rear brake area. please help. Thank you and God Bless - Cody Smit
  2. KillerYzf250

    A Little Extra!!!!

    hey is the yzf 250 stock pipe the same as a yzf 450 stock pipe? if so can i put a yzf 450 stock pipe on a wr 250 for more performance and noise?
  3. KillerYzf250

    what is the best 250 four stroke?

    ktm or the yzf
  4. KillerYzf250

    i messed everthing up my first trip out

    hey don't worry bout kicking it. it gets better. i've got same bike same year. the first time i took it out i could not kick it for the life of me. i was fifteen and really used to electric start. a good process for easy starting is to just turn on the gas no choke at all. walk the kick start down till u find the hard spot, then use the decompresion lever to just work it past the hard spot then back to the top and a full kick. this starts mine first kick almost every time. but these bike are very tempermental. if it won't start for some reason try this trick, it sounds stupid but it works. turn off the gas and hold in the decompression lever and crank the throttle and kick all the way through slowly about ten to fifteen times then let go of the gas and kick normal. hope this helps. Life is short, ride Hard. Cody Smit
  5. KillerYzf250

    A Little Extra!!!!

    hey my dad just bought an '04 Wr 250 F, i told i do some research for him cuase he wants a to get rid of the factory pipe and put an aftermarket pipe that gives him a little more power and "grunt" to the motor. What do you guys recommend? P.S. Something thats not too expensive. Thanks, Cody