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  1. what size jets are you guys running in your bikes with the Athena 290 kit?
  2. wow never thought about any of this
  3. its an 04 yz 250f
  4. my bike will not start after i put an athena big bore kit in it. The timing looks good. Shes got spark and its gettin gas. I spent about three hours trying to problem solve. All it will do is backfire. Any advice?
  5. well i got too many on mine i use for trail and that other fun stuff
  6. i have tried all of that all ready but it doesent seem to be bleeding.
  7. well i just got back in from tryin to bleed m ront brakes on my, 02 yzf426 im wondering if thair is any special hy to do this or any specail tool? i would love someone to help me.
  8. lol that could be my problem never letting the bike warm up never realy did thank for the info
  9. i have a shop go though my shit every year and they still cant find out but they love the bike
  10. buddy i am haveing the same problem
  11. would adding a pipe and not jetting it be the problem to ?
  12. ill tell you wut i come out with
  13. ahh ic well thanks for the info hopefully i get my problem fixed
  14. 8 hrs ? only that F^^^ it that the normal plug time ?
  15. no i take a wire brush to it i think when it blows it fries the electrode all the way though but my buddys bike does the same thing just keeps fouling plugs