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  1. vsolisv

    Fuel spillage

    How much fuel should spill out of my son's 2005 CR125? It just seems like there is too much fuel spilling. Thanks??
  2. vsolisv

    2005-2007 CR 250s for sale?

    too bad you cant drive to Phoenix...
  3. vsolisv

    09 cracked frame?

    I would take that to the dealer or call Honda and see if they can do anything about that. I would be really upset if that happened to me...
  4. vsolisv

    Pics of Your 450....

    Dude this is a sick looing bike! I had this pic on my background for the longest time. Looks great, i would love to be able to ride that around!
  5. vsolisv

    Buying a 2002 426

    Thanks for the replies guys. It just amazes me that when you go to look at a bike it is comlpetely filthy. You would think that if your gonna sell something you would first clean it up. Went to look at this YZ426 and it looked like he just came off the track, than he states he hasnt started it in over a month. Call me crazy but the bikes i have sold oin the past I cleaned them up.
  6. vsolisv

    Buying a 2002 426

    Really any comments would be greatly appreciated. Gonna check this bike out at noon today...
  7. vsolisv

    Buying a 2002 426

    Hey guys lookig to buy a used 2002 426. Just wanted to get some input on what I should look for or expect. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks...
  8. vsolisv

    Are these things fast ? what can i expect ?

    I have owned a crf 250 for the past three years and I finally moved up to a 450. The bike is awesome! You dont have to work as hard(shifting). My point is, you should have started on a smaller bike especially if you are a beginner. Thats how I scored my 450. Also if your a rookie with a bike just take it slow.
  9. Can I get an Amen! , very well put.
  10. vsolisv

    Specs RM 65

    one other question, when you stated piston ring/ groove clearance did you mean ring gap? thank you....
  11. vsolisv

    Specs RM 65

    thank you so much for taking the time....
  12. vsolisv

    Specs RM 65

    hey guys where can i find specs on the top end for a 2005 RM 65. Son blew his top end and going back together now. I need torque specs for the cylinder, head and ring gap etc. Thanks for your help....
  13. vsolisv

    2005 crf 250 specs

    does anyone know a quick link to find specs for a 2005 crf 250, such as gearing, oil level etc., thx.....
  14. vsolisv

    2005 crf

    well as you can read the 05 is a great bike. I bought mine in Jan of 2005 and I have yet to adjust the valves. I ride about once a week and race about twice a month. It has been an awesome bike. I had a 2002 KTM 250SX and when I rode my buddies crf I fell in love. Love at first ride! So I went out and bought it. Best wishes....