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  1. VortexUK

    Vor 503 blown engine

    I have a complete 2002 530 sme engine which runs, however needs a kickstart return spring fitted. I am eventually going to get around to finishing my cr500 engine conversion
  2. VortexUK

    VOR Kickstart Return Spring

    Was out riding yesterday and on the final start of the day the kickstart lever ended up pointing straight down. If you manually lift the lever it engages and you can start it. I presume it is the kickstart return spring however do you need to split the cases to replace this or can you do it without doing this? If you have to split the cases the vor might finally be taken apart and sold of as bits.
  3. VortexUK

    VOR Footpegs

    Sorry didn't type what I was thinking. I need a right hand side footpeg. I am going to try a kTM brake lever as they use the same mastercylinder...i think The bike is a 2002 530 sm-e
  4. VortexUK

    VOR Footpegs

    Had an off yesterday and luckily got away with only a bent brake lever and foot peg. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement from in the UK? I have tried the usual suspects. Aslo do ones off other bike fit? if so which ones. Thanks for your help
  5. VortexUK

    VOR Stator Position

    Agree completely best thing I ever did was unconnect the auto decomp. Mine was notoriously hard to start but now kicks first or second time every time. Kick until you get compression then manually decompress and push kick starter down about 1/2 an inch (you can feel when it gets over) then allow the kick start to return to the top and then give it one constant kick focusing on the last 1/4 of the travel if you ease up then it wont start.
  6. VortexUK

    New exotic MX

    yeah like all the great italian motorcycle manufacturers and bikes befor it it will be expensive to run, quality assurance issues, the company has or most probably will go broke at some stage and parts will be a nightmare ie: VOR TM Ducatti Aprilla and I am sure there are more to add to the list
  7. VortexUK

    Those Who Use FCR's On VOR's

    Hi mate mine is currently up at Keith's so will find out how he jets it for you so you can just copy that.
  8. VortexUK

    UK VOR Dealer

    Try Keith at www.smracing.info. Helpful guy based in Manchester. I know they are breaking a couple bikes at the moment. VOR's are great when they run but mine has been nothing but trouble
  9. VortexUK

    VOR Head Gaskets

    Hi mate they aren't really any dealers here. Any chance I can order one seperately.
  10. VortexUK

    VOR Head Gaskets

    Anyone know where I can get a head gasket for a VOR 530 2002. I am in the UK so anywhere local would be good.
  11. VortexUK

    VOR 450 MX issues

    you get use to in in no time. The first week I struggled with it but now i can find it easy.
  12. VortexUK

    Needle clip question

    thanks mate About to install a FCR41 on my VOR 530. Have set jetting based on local advice however do you have any tips should the thing not start or any other advice that will make the installation easier?
  13. When setting the needle clip on a keihin FCR carb, is clip 2 counted from the pointy end or the other end (Short end)? Thanks
  14. VortexUK

    XX Miles any more new about what is happening at VOR?

    Where do I sign up! That thing would be freaky.
  15. Just interested. Also do you know the link for the web page where the guy converted his VOR to run a CR500 motor?