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  1. Puppet

    Looking for white plastic

    Hey all... I'm looking for the rear left side number plate in white (the battery cover piece). Condition doesn't matter as long as it mounts straight. Anyone have an old one lying around??? Thanks Brian
  2. Puppet

    Slaying the dragon.....

    I run those same pressures in my PP's on the street. At the track I lowered them to 22/25 and they worked great. I'll probably go to something closer to track pressures when I get to the Gap in May. I can't wait to try the 2CT on the front!
  3. Puppet

    The perfect SM tailbag :0

    That's a nice looking bag. I've been using this one from Chicane http://www.chicaneusa.com/summit.htm# with a pro-moto billet rack. Been very happy with both (and the bag works great on my zrx, too), but I like the fold out pannier idea.
  4. Puppet

    Mitchelin Pilot Powers with inner tubes ?

    You don't need warmers with the Pilot Powers. They are a street tire and warm up VERY quickly. Even in cooler temps (45-50 degrees) i can drag just about everything and scrub the tire edge to edge without them slipping or pushing. And that's just after normal riding to my "spot" to play (approx 1.5 miles) Yup...that's what I've found as well. The pressures that I mentioned previously were reffering to the big bikes that the article used
  5. Puppet

    Mitchelin Pilot Powers with inner tubes ?

    I'd also say that them running 42 psi on the street was a little exessive. They probably should have been closer to 36 on the street and 30 on the track. Anyway. I've run the PP all summer and through half a dozen track days. They pretty much rock and have handled everything I've thrown at them (even the occassional fire road:ride: )
  6. Puppet

    Cold Weather gloves?

    I use these http://www.tricktape.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=3911 They work pretty good and also (seem to) offer a level of protection closer to a race glove rather than a ski glove. Also give a pretty good feel on the bars without being too bulky. I ride 40 miles each way to work and I won't feel any cold down to 42-40 F. I'll get some cold, but still keep dexterity below that. Down into the 30's I'll wear a silk liner or a latex glove and it works great. Not bad for 50 bucks, especially considering my other gloves are full race gloves and provide no insulation!
  7. Puppet

    Exhaust Protector.

    What kind of heat resistant hose...i.e...where did you get it? I was looking into making a home version of one of these, but haven't been able to find a hose or tube that would be heat resistant, while providing a level of crash protection.
  8. Puppet

    DRZ400 SM Tire Survey

    I got my powers for quite a bit cheaper than the 208sm's. So far I have 3 trackdays on them (roadrace track) and a bit of commuting miles. They look great and handle great. At this I have no problems running them for the 3 trackdays I have left this season. If I do significantly more track time next year, I may go to power race's, but at this point I'll be buying another set of pilot powers
  9. Puppet

    SM mods in Boston area

    Well...I live in Norton and can be bought off rather easily to help out if you want to bring the bike by. I only require some food for the grill and some adult beverages for when we're done riding I have an 05 with exhaust/jet/air box/mcct/brake lines/tire changes/suspension work/wiring work/tail light/bars/clamps/steering damper/case covers. GMD Computrack did my suspension, but I've done everything else with a bit of patience and some help from the folks on here. I haven't gotten into the FCR carb yet, but I can definately help you with the stock one. I've also run the bike up at Loudon and it's damn fun Shoot me a pm if you're interested and we'll work something out. I work in the city, so if you want to meet up for lunch we can also figure something out that way. WRT shops...I've also heard good things about bikeworx. I bought mine from GBM, but haven't taken it back. I've used MTR Racing in Woonsocket and have had pretty good results from their service dept with my ZRX. Brian
  10. Puppet

    SM suspension

    Depending on where you are in CT, you could also give GMD Computrack a call. The NY shop is actually in CT and the Boston shop is in souther Mass, just over the RI boarder. Pete Kates knows his stuff. I've had two bikes done by him and I'm bringing the SM in tonight to get the forks stiffened a bit
  11. Puppet

    Stainless brake lines for 05SM

    I've got Galfer front and rear SS lines on my 05 SM. I'm pretty sure I ended up with the "S" kit, but they work great...with MUCH better feel. Give the TT store a call and they'll hook you up. Nothing but good experience with them and everything I've gotten has worked spot on.
  12. Follow up: Installed the 160 main. Left the needle on the 3rd clip. Back to the full 3x3. and probably 1.5 turns out on the fuel screw. I finally had the chance to do a bit of riding with it and I'm pleased. The midrange surging is gone. It jumps up pretty nicely at the low end and coming out of corners. I picked up the missing top-end (with the "off" jetting I was only getting about 85 mph...now I'm back up in the mid to high 90's). And running about 54 mpg's! I did notice a little surging this morning at steady throttle around 78-80 mph. This is the first time I've noticed this since I've made the change and I've done the steady highway thing 5 or 6 times. I also am getting a little more pop when I roll off the throttle. Overall, i'm pretty happy. There's some room for tweaking, so if there's any suggestions, I'm all ears, but at least I can ride without getting frustrated and I'm seeing the performance I had originally hoped for with the pipe/jet/3x3. Thanks for the help Eddie!
  13. Puppet

    SM Tail Light Asmbly Cracked???

    Thanks for reminding me...I forgot to post the follow up. It's A LOT better...I'll post a full follow up in the other thread.
  14. Puppet

    SM Tail Light Asmbly Cracked???

    Mine broke clean off the other weekend. I was pissed. We were about 50 miles from home. It's a good thing I was with a buddy, cause I wouldn't have caught it myself. He had some zipties to wire it up. I just started the UFO tail install today...gonna finish up tomorrow morning.
  15. Cool...just made the change to a 160. Will post with results after a test ride tomorrow or Sunday. Since I'm on the 3rd clip now...is it worth just trying it, or do you recommend starting back with the 2nd clip while I'm making changes?