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  1. Hey anyone if Fred Bud is still around? Havent been out for a few years..Thanks..
  2. That shows you how the ruts at Fred bud make everything else seem easy:banghead:
  3. Fred Bud is awesome, never tried Keithsburg. How is Brodhead?
  4. Sux, whats a sand-whore to do?
  5. Get well soon!
  6. I had a hyperextended knee several years ago and one thing that helped quite a bit was swimming in a pool with flippers. You look like a dork but you can flip as hard as you want, with minimal "shock" to the knee.
  7. "duh" because I first posted "NW" Illinois:bonk:
  8. Just need a carb cleaning and re-jetting a 2000 yz250. I have a 3 and 4 year old who like to "help" me fix my bike = no time to work on it. I would rather not take it to a dealer so if anyone knows of anyone in NE(duh) Illinois who does work on the side and would like to work on it, I'll drop it off. Happy riding all.
  9. I'll try that. Thanks for the help!!
  10. Anyone ever pull the nipple out of the petcock and put it back in successfully?(jb weld) I would just replace the petcock, but I am hoping to ride this weekend and wouldn't get the part in time. Thanks guys!
  11. I'm glad motoland still has Weds. practice and does it with a full set of flaggers
  12. There are alot of other posts on bad backs. Do a search on "bulging Disc" and "disc fusion". Heres a good one. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=655773&highlight=bulging+disc
  13. I wonder if the Wednesday turnout is bad.
  14. Thanks for the tips guys. I've tried most of the tracks except for FMX Paradise. Uskually I need to ride during the week because of kids tball, etc. Motoland used to have Weds. practice but I think thats done.
  15. I've been to the Joliet track, I like it but I prefer something a little more wide open. Sand gives me the best work out, and the consequences of crashing are a little easier.