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  1. TMJSandels

    DR-Z & FCR fine tuning

    Yes, it idles with the fuel screw turned full in.
  2. TMJSandels

    DR-Z & FCR fine tuning

    Nope, the FS doesn't seem to have any effect on the idle... Are these symptoms completely separate issues, or are they both clearly in the pilot circuit range? Thanx!
  3. G'day! The setup of my DR-Z SM is the following: E-model FCR, 3x3 and an exhaust built of E-model header and a gixxer silencer with a straight middle pipe. The FCR is running on 155 MJ, 200 MAJ, EMM 3rd clip, 38 PJ, 5/8 PAS and 1 turn of fuel screw. Riding a warmed engine on sea level, I am experiencing some hanging idle and slight stuttering on approximately 1/3 throttle especially when riding steady on upper gears. The fuel consumption is also up. So, I guess I'm running rich at least on the pilot circuit? What should I change next? Thanks a billion for sharing your knowledge!
  4. TMJSandels

    SM suspension help

    Good to have you here, Joey! Thanks for all the info. For starters, can you tell us what are the stock spring rates of a SM?
  5. TMJSandels

    What about this helmet ???

    Marushin makes also a similar bucket, but this one is of fiberglass with a detachable liner. The cost is propably significantly less than Arai. Havent seen any IRL though. Check it out: http://www.jfmotorsport.de/marushin/Marushin-XMoto_details.jpg
  6. TMJSandels

    FCR Drain Hoses

    While we're at it - what is the purpose of the pink drain hoses with the OEM e-model FCR? The piping does not seem to make too much sense in my opinion, unless there really is some ventilation to the channel (going through the carb) where the pink hoses are connected to... For clarity, the hose assembly is the part number 82 in the ayers pic: http://www.ronayers.com/fiche/300_0374/carburetor_for_e3_e28/carburetor_for_e3_e28.bmp
  7. TMJSandels

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road

    There are thousands and thousands of kilometres of gravel roads in every part of Finland, and the good thing is that you're allowed to ride them freely almost everywhere. In the northern sparsely populated areas you can really get the feeling of wilderness and adventure. Have a look at the galleries of Allroad Tour-webpages at http://www.allroadtour.fi Allroadtour has been an annual event for adventurous riders to explore the northern parts of Finland. Lots of foreign people mostly from central Europe have attended as well. Here are some examples of the finnish scenery, straight from the Allroad Tour-galleries: http://www.allroadtour.fi/nangu2004/gallery/image85.htm http://www.allroadtour.fi/nangu2004/gallery/image99.htm http://www.allroadtour.fi/nangu2004/gallery/image168.htm http://www.allroadtour.fi/muotka2003/more/imagepages/image40.htm And for the folks looking for a bit more challenging terrain: http://www.allroadtour.fi/nangu2004/gallery/image195.htm http://www.allroadtour.fi/puitsi2005/gallery2/image284.htm http://www.allroadtour.fi/nolppio2002/photos/imagepages/image4.htm
  8. TMJSandels

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road

    Good coverage, Burren Rider. Ta, mate. Made my heart throb. Oz is surely the land of vast beauty. I've been lucky enough to live & ride in SE Oz a while ago. I reckon I have to go back sooner or later. Here's a few pics of my time in Oz. They are scanned, so the quality isn't that good. The dune & beach riding are from Stockton beach, north of Newcastle. http://tinyurl.com/agx3o
  9. TMJSandels

    pics of DRZ SM With 21/18 tires

    Here ya go, mate: SM: Travel, front: 260 mm rear: 276 mm S: Front: 260 mm rear: 260 mm from 2003: front 288 mm rear: 295 mm Source: http://www.drz400s.de/technikv3.htm