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  1. benny boy

    your opinion please ktm 625 sm VS Drz 400 sm

    okay... iwent to the KTM dealer yesterday... check this out the 625 lc4 goes for 10.200.00 canadian $ and the maintenance plan is every 5000 km ( 3200 miles ) and he wasent sure about the labour and every thing but he told me i should be around 500 $ each time okay maybe he is a dumb ass or a crouck... but its the only dealer around so ... bye bye KTM for the same amount of money i sat on a BMW 650 Dakar... not a bad looking machine either... seat is realy confy, has heated handles, comes with the rack for lugadge has real highway capacity and goes for 10.200.00 i will do some research to see what its worth in reviews... but its nice looking the more i look into it... the more choices opens to my eyes any thought on this machine ???
  2. benny boy

    your opinion please ktm 625 sm VS Drz 400 sm

    there is one dealer of KTM in my area and im not even sure if there is a husk ou usaberg or els ( more exotic ) dealer in town there is a shit load of suzuki dealers every where... thats kind of reashuring because i plan to travel the province a lot on my vacations weeks like a drifther thats why im not sure of ktm if only they add dealers every where or if suzuki was doing the sm in 650 cc i would pay the bike on a few years ( like 5 or so ) and im afraid that i would out grow the bike before im finished paying it !!! thats why a 600 cc plus , i think would give me more room to grow in is it foolosh to think this way im i wrong i got no idear...
  3. benny boy

    your opinion please ktm 625 sm VS Drz 400 sm

    well im 31 and a 5'10" at 225 pounds... and i cant realy loose weight... there is not a lot of fat on the meat i have a little experience in moto cross and off roading and all so in some 4 weeled motorsports... i first looked at the sv 650 dl 650 / 1000 and the bandit / the z-750 and most of the other semi nacked or crouch rocket but what realy make my hair stand up and my spine schivers is a super motar the raw power, naked look and all most gothic thumpering torture tool look it as. i know it's not highway machines... but if you go back 20 years... all bikes were like todays retro racers, without wind jamers hard seated and raw. i dont want a custom cruiser or a race rocket i want something different than the crowed around me and i want it to be raw and offensive to conservative minds ! sounds like a super motar to me ! my thumping freinds ! More seriously, im just affraid 400 cc would have problemes haulling my ass and all the other types of bikes i sat on dident touch me like an SM it's just the way it look feel smell and sounds any reliability issue with the KTM of the world.. i know suzuki is good my brother add suzukis for the last 25 years and never add major problemes but KTM , i dont know them at all exept from what i saw in rally and other racing my mind was set on a DRZ Sm but a few days ago i drove beside a KTM 625 Sm for a few miles and it just mesmerised me and ive been wondering about it since
  4. benny boy

    your opinion please ktm 625 sm VS Drz 400 sm

    the local dealers in montreal canada are asking 8200.00 for the DRZ and 10200.00 for the ktm it still 2000 more plus sales taxes ( 15 % ) but when i look at it.. i will pay this baby on a few years and i ask my self Should i pay for one more year and get the ktm or not so money is kind of a issue... but it's more a question of reliability and potency of thoses street machine vs maintenance cost etc etc etc im sure that at the end the ktm would be more expansive to maintaine insure and would it be worth the extra money i want the best bang for my buck, but withoute going too cheap either
  5. im not sure witch i should buy... i like both but if only suzuki was doing a 500 to 650 sm would be great. in here if i buy a 400 and want to do my driving test at the dmv i will be limited to a 400 cc and less anything over 400 and you go unlimited on the licence plus i will do more highway than what i originaly thought 25 % highway 70 % town 5 % back roards what do you think please...
  6. benny boy

    ridding impression please on DRZ 400 SM

    the 7 months of body driving... means that for the following seven months afther you passed the second exam... you need to have a fellow rider on is own bike that follows you on the road every where you go and that fellow rider must have is full licence afther seven months of this restriction you can go and take the final exam if you pass your okay to go... if you fail... you keep your restricted licence and have to wait one year before taking the final test again.... what a pain in the but !!! like i need to be put into the dog house on top of it by my wife, because im taking the classe to get a motorcycle
  7. benny boy

    ridding impression please on DRZ 400 SM

    i just maid a man of my self... just reserved my place at the driving school to get my driving licence here in quebec the process sucks monkey nugets 12 houres of class 22 of road then live exam at the dmv then if you passed all... 7 months of forced body body driving not allowed to drive alone on the streets then final exam and only then you can go to the convinience store by yourself for a quart of milk ive been wondering for 3 years if i should do it... i just started the process and im smilling now i just hope my wife wount kick me out to the dog house
  8. benny boy

    ridding impression please on DRZ 400 SM

    i just went to the dealer during lunch time... what a beauty in black i checked the height of the seat with my 30" inseam and with my weight on the bike my feet were just fine the handlebar is wide and high and the seat not that bad... i gess wearing a cyclist paded short underneat the pants would do the rest for comfort on longer rides im realy tempted plus im sure 400 cc and 30 something hp is enought for a new rider like me...dont want to kill myself just want to increase the grin factor in my life...and it looks like a nice grinning tool please keep giving me your input on this your comments are realy fun to read and helps me making a better educated decision... thanks
  9. good day to all... im a newby to all of this im looking to buy my first ride next summer and all i know and experienced so far was ridding behind my brother for the last 20 years he is a preacher for sports bikes ( he just got a hayabusa last year ) so all i know and felt and riden was the second seat of a sport ride i think i would be more of a super motar rider because going 120 mph is not so fun and i prefer controle over speed i dont entend to do a lot of off road , but montreal roads in down town and around can be some times kind of i would do 85 % town and commute 10 % highway and 5 % dirty back roads do you think a DRZ 400 SM would be a great first urban assault vehicule and what is you riding impression about it im 5' 10" for 230 pounds 30 inseam thanks for your comments they wil be all welcome and sorry for my bad english