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    Yamaha YZ450F (2007)


  2. 24moto

    Yamaha YZ450F 2007

  3. 24moto

    Carb settings...

    Jim, your settings look too rich for a 520. You should run a 162 main with the EMN. Even then it may still bog unless you run the clip in the #2 slot. I'm using the following settings and get excellent throttle response at all times, no cough or bog: EMM #2, 162, 1 sec AP squirt duration, 40 pilot, 5/8 turns PAS, 1.5 turns +/- on the fuel screw. PAS = pilot air screw conversion that Sudco sells to replace the pilot air jet a.k.a. slow air jet. I believe Taffy and Drehwurm are the guys that came up with the small pilot jet with small PAS settings. IIRC, Taffy runs a 35 pilot! I was skeptical until I tried it myself, but it works very very well. Runs crisp and clean off the bottom. Drehwurm previously recommended the DMM needle with a 168 main which I'm sure works just as well as the EMM/162 combo if not slightly better. For limiting the pump duration , I used the locking collar on the rod approach. The locking collar is from the hobby shop (axle lock for model aircraft wheels). Caveat: the above is for a stock exhaust, so you might have to go one step richer on the main (165) for the T-4? Or, since the EMN is one step leaner in root diameter from the EMM, the #3 slot might work for that needle (with the 162 main, of course). Dunno... since the above settings have worked so well on my 520, I haven't tried any of these variations. Bill
  4. 24moto

    Garmin GPS

    I've had excellent results with my handlebar Touratech-mounted GPS V. I have to be in a heavily wooded area or a deep canyon for it to lose reception. AFAIK, Garmin MapSource is the only software that will download maps to the Garmin units. But most software will transfer waypoints, routes, and tracklogs (both directions). I have Delorme TopoUSA 3.0 and the interface for uploading tracklogs from the GPS is well hidden, but it's in there. Don't know if they've improved the interface for 4.0. I believe Delorme and most other software will create routes from tracklogs, but I haven't tried it. Bill
  5. 24moto

    Honda XR400 switch to KTM 400

    I went from a similarly modded XR400 to a 520EXC. Engine differences aside, the KTM's chassis/suspension is far more capable. The XR's fork is a noodle and the frame is made of rubber compared to the KTM's. The faster I would ride the XR, the worse it would behave... with the KTM, the opposite is true. It's the difference between a trail bike and an RFS! The KTM does require more maintenance, especially with changing the oil and filters and cleaning the oil screens, but once you get it down to a routine, it isn't much trouble. Go orange... you'll never look back! Bill
  6. Dave, my previous receiver was the III+ (still have it, actually). The GPS V has a faster processor so it draws the screen faster and the screen is higher resolution with better contrast. The GUI is extensively revised and much easier to use. It has 19MB of downloadable memory and comes with the MapSource City Select CD. For a recent driving trip to Las Vegas, I was able to download road maps for the entire route there as well as city and topo maps (MapSource TOPO) for the entire Las Vegas area. It allows you to search for points of interest by name or by address in the downloaded City Select database, have it plan a route to your selected location, then it gives you turn-by-turn directions as you drive there. If you go off the planned route, it recalculates the route on the fly and gives you new directions. The routing software isn't flawless... I've had it make some dumb decisions a couple of times on which roads to take (but it'll always get you there). Its off-road functionality isn't really that much different aside from the aforementioned significant hardware and software improvements. I also have DeLorme Topo USA replete with clunky, hard-to-use user interface. But it gets the job done. Garmin MapSource is probably better for sharing tracklogs, but DeLorme will work. alj7545, the Maptech software looks interesting, but at $99 per state, a bit pricey. Might be worth it, though... will have to look into it. If it has a tracklog editor with merging and averaging functions, then I'd definitely be interested! Yup, I rode Don Ivan's Minden to Virgina City ride many years ago and had a blast. Always wanted to do another one, but never did and forgot all about it after a while (was heavy into enduros in those days). How does one find out what rides he's doing? ...I remember some sort of membership newsletter thing way back when? Bill
  7. 24moto

    Erider Triple Clamps ?

    Look at my previous post regarding my negative experience with the triple clamp I got from e-Rider. This was over a year ago so hopefully they've improved the product and their attitude since then. And I see they still have some religious content on their website... IMHO very unprofessional. Anyway, the t-clamp from Emig looks like a far superior design regarding the integrated handguard mounts. Bill
  8. You can cure the battery vibration problem by running a narrow strip of duct tape down the length of each row of batteries (leaving a little tail at the outer ends to facilitate removal). The width of the strip determines how tight the batteries fit in the housing, so you can experiment to find the best width that will snug them up nicely without making it too difficult to get them back out again. I upgraded to the GPS V. Nothing short of amazing. Highly recommended! Dave, if you have track logs from some of your rides that you'd like to share, please do! I'm always looking for good trails to ride in the Sierras. Bill
  9. 24moto

    ATF or Baby oil in clutch

    Been using the EE braided hose with Mobil 1 ATF for over a year now with no problems. Bill
  10. Check out the Garmin GPS mounts available from Cycoactive . The Touratech mounts provide the most vibration isolation and can be combined with the basic RAM handlebar mount for quick and easy mounting on handlebars without a crossbar (such as the stock Magura). Not cheap, but well worth it. Poke around on their website for some pictures and other good tips on mounting GPS units on dirtbikes. Bill
  11. I feel compelled to butt in here, sorry, but I have one of the 520s that Bob E Moto rode (we swapped). Snap? Hmmm... his 440 felt soft off the bottom on power delivery (hard to beat displacement for making good torque). Anyway, my 520 is the easiest and most fun to ride as well as having the best ergonomics FOR ME than any other bike I've ever ridden, including my time spent on Bob's Cannondale. Just wanted to make the point that, without test riding the different bikes under real conditions (not just on the lot), it's a bit of a crapshoot as to which bike is going to really fit and feel best TO YOU, according your riding style and priorities. Catch one of the Cannondale demo rides, if they're still offering them! Wouldn't it be great if they all did that? Bill
  12. I'm not one of the gurus, but from the experimenting I've done on my 520's jetting I'd say you have a rich bog caused by the needle clip position being too low. Stock is the #2 position (from the top). If you're trying to fatten up the midrange without changing to an EMM or EMN, you might be able to run the needle at #3 and unscrew the PAS 1/4 turn to compensate. Dunno... haven't actually tried it, but from the FCR jetting diagram in the Sudco catalog, it looks like that might do the trick (help lean out the transition from the low to mid range, that is). Bill
  13. 24moto

    Hesitation/Bog with EMN/162

    Isn't the EMN one step larger in diameter than the DTM making the 0 to 1/4 throttle a bit leaner? That combined with the 1.25 to 1.5 mixture screw setting has to be making the 0 to 1/4 throttle quite a bit leaner than stock which could be the main cause of the bog. OrangeBlood's experience with adjusting the mixture screw way out is consistent with that. Maybe a #50 pilot jet is needed or perhaps going the other direction on needle diameter might be better (do they make an EMM or EML?). Bill
  14. 24moto

    Hesitation/Bog with EMN/162

    I'm in the 0-3500ft range, but I must've picked up on the recommendations for the high elevation settings without realizing it?!?! Today I tried the EMN again at #3 with a 165 main and the bog was gone, but performance wasn't much different from stock... just a bit peppier in the mid-range. It was also a much warmer day which was also helping prevent it from running too lean. So I'll try the #4 clip position and 170 main next. Those settings should be quite a bit richer, so if anything I should have it bracketed, and maybe I'll get a little better feel for how the different settings affect the motor's performance. Jetting four-stokes still seems like three parts art (voodoo?) to one part science. Thanks for the recommendations! Bill
  15. On my '01 520EXC, I installed an OCEMN needle at clip #3 from the top, 162 main jet, set the screw at 1.5 turns, and pinched the linkage to reduce the pump time. The new setup caused a pretty bad off-idle hesitation, so I put it back to stock for now (I HATE that dreaded bog). Has anyone else who did this mod get a bog? Adjusting the idle mixture between 1 to 2 turns made little difference. With the stock jetting I can use as much throttle as I want coming out of turns and I never get a bog. So did I get something wrong with the EMN setup? Is the bog caused by a too-lean or too-rich condition in the 0 to 1/4 or 1/2 throttle range? I'd appreciate any suggestions on what additional changes might help get rid of the bog... the stronger midrange would sure be nice to have but not at the expense of the bottom-end performance! Perhaps our esteemed jetting expert, Mr. James Dean, can weigh in here? Bill