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  1. rusty shakleford

    O5' DRZ 125L BBR Springs

    yes they are worth the money.
  2. rusty shakleford

    drz 125l sale price?

    what would be a good price for a 2005 drz125l with a procircuit pipe and bbr fork springs. nothing is wrong with it except minor scratches typical of trail riding. i need to buy a bigger dirt bike but have to sell this one first.
  3. rusty shakleford


    Does any body know how to earn money? i am 14 years old and want a 2 stroke 125. i live in oklahoma.
  4. rusty shakleford

    jetting question

    sorry its a drz125l.
  5. rusty shakleford

    jetting question

    i have a t-4 pipe and the dealer said i needed to rejet after i put the pipe on to get more power. i dont know where to get one or how much they cost. is it worth getting or should i just leave it?
  6. rusty shakleford

    12 to 55 gear ratio

    would a 12 to 55 gear ratio be good for trail riding?
  7. rusty shakleford

    powerbomb header

    does the powerbomb or mega bomb header have an expantion chamber or something that helps more than a normal header? i have a pro circuit pipe header and silencer. would it give any more power than mine?
  8. rusty shakleford

    trade 125l for two stroke 125?

    I have a drz125l with procircuit t4pipe bbr fork springs and sunline aloy shiftlever. need more power and wondering if anyone would trade?
  9. rusty shakleford

    sunline shift lever drz125l

    will the sunline shift lever fit a drz 125l?
  10. rusty shakleford

    best way to wash air filter?

    i use water and soap.
  11. rusty shakleford

    aftermarket parts drz125l

    I have a drz125L.Last summer I put a pro circuit t4 exhaust system.....LOUD! any suggestions of other mods?...I also need to know what tool to tighten the rear suspension. any comments apreciated.
  12. rusty shakleford

    sticking rear brake drz125L

    ive already done those....the lever sticks,not the shoes
  13. rusty shakleford

    water crossing?

    my neighbor told me that my drz125L's engine will crack if I go through water when the engine is hot; is this true?
  14. rusty shakleford

    sticking rear brake drz125L

    dr-z125L rear brake sticks when I push it
  15. rusty shakleford

    sticking rear brake drz125L

    dr-z125L rear brake sticks when I push it undefined