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  1. One 250f, generator, some cabinets and a smaller tool box?
  2. I have a ford ranger 4.0L 4x4 truck. I am looking for an enclosed trailer but am unsure on what size to get. I am thinking a 6X10 or 6X12 enclosed v-nose. Would this truck be able to pull a 6x12 nicely? Any recommendations?
  3. JJ210

    Clutch play

    Lately, I have been having issues with the amount of play that I have with my clutch lever. I will start off, when it is cold, and it will have the right amount of play in it, but as it starts warming up there is way too much play in it. It almost gets to the point of pullin the clutch all the way in and it still wants to keep going by its self while in gear. I replaced my plates this spring and just recen;ty replaced the inner hub. And when I replaced the inner hub, everything else looked good. Any ideas?
  4. JJ210

    VP fuel?

    alrighty thanks u guys!! it was a big help : )
  5. JJ210

    By Day and By Night

    aww they are soo pretty!! so I see you play in the sand box err something with the bike... with the paddle tire on there
  6. JJ210

    Injured racer girl

    oh yes, she is a fellow racer of mine... I just saw the post on the d23 site. I am soo sad that happened to her! and now they aare saying she can't feel the left side of her body and is acting a younger age then what she really is. She is in my prayers and thoughts. I hope that everything goes well in her recovery!
  7. JJ210


    motocross boots is a must! ya never know when u are gonna fall and twist ur ankle the wrong way or run into some trees and such. I would have to say, that along with my helmet, my boots were the best thing I have baught.
  8. JJ210

    VP fuel?

    alright thanks, I just wasn't sure and it just didn't sound right to me.
  9. JJ210

    VP fuel?

    ok. so my dad mentioned wanting to use VP fuel in my crf250. for some reason, I don't think that seems like it would be ok.. but he also said that this guy who has a rmz runs it in his.... my question for you all is can you run vp fuel in your crf? Thanks guys.
  10. JJ210


    WOW... that's kinda crazy.... there's another cure.. that usually ALWAYS works.... hold ur breath for as long as u can.. and while ur doing that, press inbetween ur thumb and first finger.
  11. JJ210

    flat corner?????

    Weight the out side peg.
  12. JJ210


    ooh beleive me.....that whole sinario (sp?) worked! hahaha.
  13. JJ210

    New to riding...looking for pants

    I'm 5'5 and have a size 30" inseem HAHA.... WOW.. i have some short legs compared to u all....
  14. JJ210


    have u ever been riding when u had the hiccups?!?! I have.. it feels soo wierd to me to ride and have the hiccups at the same time.
  15. JJ210

    Radiator Shroud Replacement