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  1. I would go to Race tech there good.
  2. You dont really need your finger on the cluch in the air unless you are locking up the rear wheel to make your noise go down. they say when your in the air you should breath and loosen up as much as possable. This is so you can give your arms and hands alittle break and it will help you have my stragth for the rest of the race. But if its a habbit to keep you finger out there its not a bad one at all.
  3. Yeah you guys are right and I let my friend ride it and he a 2 stroke lover all the way and after like 3 laps on the track he stops and says "Man I can defenately get use to this!" He was ripping it on my bike it was cool.
  4. Well thanks you all for awnsering my question. I just wish i have goten a 05 now!
  5. Hi I just got a 2004 CRF250R and I thought i got a 2005 model. So i was wondering if there was any big diffrence between the two that would up set me more? Am I missing much?
  6. Hello this might seem like a stupid question but what causes back fire and how can you fix it if it happens? Is it or not a bad thing? I is not happening to me right now but I hear bikes with the problem and I want to know how to fix it if it happens to me. Thanks
  7. Yeah I didnt think about that I totally felt the engine brake going into turns and that felt weird. But its nice because its easyer to stop when you are comming up to a corner but yeah I could see the problem of that when your jumping too. Yeah things to think about for sure but I will get it.
  8. Less noise and it makes it more balanced thats about all it says about it.
  9. Thanks that makes me feel beter because I am going to get one for sure all I need to do is sell my old bike. But i want to still finish off this season because I'm getting so much beter at riding because I'm commited to it now but oh well thats what Ebays for lol.
  10. Well my question is what kind of riding styles do I have to consider jumping from a 01 KX125 to a CRF250R? I mean i rode my friends bike that i am going to buy off of but I dont know I had some stalling and starting issues. But i love the bike it rips but i know theres cons to it. Or am I worrying about it too much and its just something I'm going to have to get use to? Any suggestions?
  11. Thanks everyone that is a huge help because i was not sure what tipe of spring rate to get for my weight. And yeah these spec. will help me out so much thanks. And one more question is there anything ealse i need to bput into consideration to make this bike ride beter? such as what tipe of maintenance should i give it after each race to make it run great?
  12. I have been racing a 01 KX125 for about 2 years and now I'm making the jump to my friends 05 CRF250R. He is 180lb and has raced is this hole year so I know it will be set up for a person way heaver than me. So what modification to my suspention should I make to have this bike feel great for me, a light weight on this big bore? Because I want to make this jump a great one and make be come a good competitor. thanks