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  1. I have a 1985 LT230GEF Quadrunner. The plastics are pretty beat up and cracked. I can't find any aftermarket replacement fenders for a Quadrunner just the Quadsports. Anyone ever put sport fenders on a runner? In the pictures they look real similar except for the front of the sport having the hood and the runner is all one piece. Any thoughts?
  2. k91

    trying to find parts for antique suzuki atv

    Did you try the thumpertalk store? I bet they could help you out.
  3. k91

    Forums for older bikes?

    www.acrmx.com maybe but I think thats more vintage than 90s. Put your stuff on the bay of e
  4. k91

    High Sierra ride pics

    Nice pics
  5. Welcome aboard Just got mine last Friday and I'm still excited so I know how you feel.
  6. To this day the only bike my parents would want to see me on is a Schwinn. So here I am 28 years young and just starting to get into it. Had to wait until I did the whole house thing then I finally talked my wife into letting me get one. To everybody who lets their kids try a sport to see if they like it or not.
  7. k91

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    Professional web surfer err uh Computer Support Assistant for an accounting firm. I hope to somehow transition into something more hands on since I am tired of the whole IT thing. I do lots of wrenching on the side but haven't really figured out what I want to do as a job yet. Cool post BTW
  8. You could get one of those inline spark testors to watch it as the engine runs. The CDI controls when the plug will fire.
  9. Probably a stupid question but last night when I went to shut the bike off the fan was still running. I let it idle for about 30 seconds and it was still going. I just turned it off at that point since I didn't want to run the fan off the battery. What does everyone usually do? Didn't I let it idle long enough? Sorry if these are noob questions but this is my first water cooled bike. Thanks for any input
  10. k91

    New DR Owner

    Well it all came together today Picked up my 05 DRz400SM in black. So excited. So much fun. I don't think I stopped grinning the whole ride home from the dealership. Just thought I'd say hello all and thank you for this wonderful resource of a forum.
  11. k91

    Confused on S or SM, help a noob

    Thanks for your opinions guys. I'm definitely leaning towards the SM now Now I just have to sell my other bike.
  12. Hi all. I'm looking at purchasing either a DRZ400S or SM real soon. Just looking for some actual riders opinions to help sway me one way or the other. I would like to think I will go in the dirt sometimes but I don't know how much that will actually happen. So tell me why you like one model or the other. Thanks for any help