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  1. Just had a Dyno-Jet installed and removed the side of the air box but my mechanic says I could realize a nice performance boost by switching ouot exhausts . . . . . . . .I don't want the bike to be really loud though . . . . .any suggestions ? thanks, Dan
  2. danoo

    Replacing fuel line

    I'm replacing my fuel line . . . .does anyone know how to shut the fuel off ? There is a 3 way switch that has "ON" . . . "PRI" . . . "RESERVE" . . . . . . . . . . . .but no "off". thanks
  3. danoo

    Deal on a DR650?

    I Paid $2250 For A 2000 In Great Shape With 3500 Miles On It.
  4. danoo

    Calm my fears ?

    thanks everyone for your comments. I'm running syntheic Amsoil and will be changing the plugs soon . . . . I think some of the noise is coming from that little chain roller on top of the chain.
  5. danoo

    Calm my fears ?

    I recently bought a 2000 DR650 with 3500 miles on it for commuting to work.I've been worry about every little odd noise this thing makes, every tiny oil weep, how hot the thing seems to run and so on. Then I read about you guys who actually off road these bikes (they get hotter than hell riding that hard and slow . . don't they?) and I wonder if I should quit thinking about the bike and just ride it ? I've screwed around with the fuel mixture screw so much I can't remember where it ran best . . it always seems that adjustments help certain things but cause problems elsewhere. I just want the thing to run cooler & smoother . . . .is that too much to ask ?
  6. danoo

    engine noise . .to rich ?

    I removed the airbox side last night and the bike ran pretty poorly, seemed to lack power . .especially up around 4th & 5th gear.
  7. danoo

    engine noise . .to rich ?

    My carb & airbox are stock . . . .it does have a dial-a-jet on it (but this noise only appeared after I changed the mixture screw/oil/octane). The engine does not seem to be running any hotter than it ever has (very hot seems like the norm). I was wondering if I was dumping too much fuel into the engine and it was not burning. I've had my mixture screw out as much as 2.5 turns . . . is that alot ? maybe I should adjust it out further ?
  8. danoo

    engine noise . .to rich ?

    I've been turning my fuel mixture screw some and between that and using premium octane gas I have a pretty noticable knocking type noise from the engine up high. Usually only starts when I'm in gears 4 & 5 and am doing near 40 mph under fairly light load. I'm at about 1500feet. thanks
  9. danoo

    05 DR 650 Valve Cover leak

    Mine is doing this and after 2 times into the shop, I'm going to another shop next week. There is only a liquid gasket used on the cover.
  10. danoo

    Strange noise when I kill the engine.

    That's exactly what mine sounds like also . . .does not do it all the time though.
  11. danoo

    Strange noise when I kill the engine.

    "can destroy the engine" Mine is a 2000 but was made in mid-1999. I'm wondering if I should have the new torque-converter installed.
  12. danoo

    Strange noise when I kill the engine.

    Thanks Mudshark . . . . I know they fired mine up soon after apply it . . they said it was made for that . . .maybe we'll try again.
  13. danoo

    Strange noise when I kill the engine.

    Hey Mudshark, Mine is doing that wheeping thing also . . . . . I've had it in twice to my service center and they used Honda Bond on it both times but it still leaks . . .I'd like to hear about your experience.Is there in fact a gasket or is it liquid ? thanks
  14. danoo

    Strange noise when I kill the engine.

    might be this : http://www.kientech.com/DR650TorqueLimiter.html
  15. If I reverse the spark plug wires on my DR650 . . .does it matter ?