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  1. Good indication the valving is too soft and riding to deep in the stroke etc.. If it were me (regarding your float) I would make a normal shim stack and test at .4-.3 area and match your base to that, but thats a guess since I have no idea what your dealing with cartridge size and piston etc...
  2. 5-20 mobil 1 synthetic is close to 15wt Maxim fork oil. mobil 1 5w-20 - Viscosity, @ 40ºC, cSt is 49.8 https://mobiloil.com/en/motor-oils/mobil-1/mobil-1#5W-20 Maxima 15wt - Viscosity, @ 40ºC, cSt is 47.1 https://www.maximausa.com/tds/suspension/Fork Oil TDS.pdf
  3. But to answer your question, like was mentioned before it depends on the fork. But typically I like to keep it between .4 and .15 on most forks depending on application. I rode a newer showa 49mm fork on a crf450 that was valved with .1mm float with a soft base and was super plush. So much so that I didn't like it on the MX track, too vague! Forks with big cartridges use more float to get similar results. Like the KYB PS2 worked well around .6-.7.
  4. That explains why a reduced float felt like hell! What are the dimensions of that cartridge? Valve OD, dampening rod OD? Ive never seen a Solva fork so just curious. Is it just an open cartridge fork?
  5. chrismxer

    Xplor fork solutions

    My last KTM was a 13xcw with the previous OC design and I did a fair amount of tuning until I was happy. To say they were significantly better than my setup now would be a lie. I feel they are equally as good and my current setup I think is even better. I'm not saying a single sided dampening design is better... I think it's better due to less bleed from just a single adjuster vs 2 but thats just speculation. Either way I have parts to make this a duel OC design but when I'm riding and constantly being reminded how sweet this setting is over every log, rock or gnarly downhill I know better than to scrap it and do something I've done before.
  6. chrismxer

    Shinko 216x fatty front

    I prefer the 546 Shinko front 90/100 size, it's just a little smaller than the 216 fatty. For me thats perfect with great bump absorption and desn't F up your handling as much as the Fatty and it doesn't chunk. I like it at 7-8lbs with a tubliss setup.
  7. chrismxer

    Xplor fork solutions

    For woods riding I have these working amazing. I ride a 300xcw in the norcal sierras and these work just as good as anything I've ridden. All I did was valve the right side, closed the mid up .05 from stock to .35 and got an adjustable base with some stiffer valving. I go a little lighter than most for springs as I like the feel on a 2 stroke. For me at 190 I'm running .44 and an oil level around 125mm. To the left leg I removed the base valve and all shims and reinserted the base post essentially talking all dampening away from that goofy setup, now the left clicker really does nothing. So this is a one sided OC fork, great for testing/adjusting as I only have one side to mess with.
  8. chrismxer

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    After googling, Lesotho appears to be a high altitude location in South Africa. I never changed the starting jet but probably could have gone a bit richer as mine was hard to start with the Mikuni..? He mentions an 80 and I don't even see that as an option in the parts.
  9. chrismxer

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    Yes, I set my float and it was too high stock. I had most of my problems right off idle, it would either be too lean or blubbery. When it was good it wouldn't last long. Like mog mentioned the channel on the Keihin is key I think. Notching the slide on the Mikuni helped a little right off idle but it was still temperamental from weather changes.
  10. chrismxer

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    I tried for 8 months to jet my Mikuni and every time I thought I got it, it changes next ride or 2 and starts acting up. It's super sensitive! Notched the slide too and that helped but don't notch it too much, just a little. Only thing I didn't try was head mod to raise comp fix squish. This might have helped by sending a stronger signal to the carb..? I tried the Lectron and took it off after an hour, to weak off the bottom. Ended up going to a Keihin and it's been way more consistent and don't think about the jetting much anymore. I'm close to the bay area also and bike is a 18 300xcw.
  11. chrismxer

    DS Sphere updates

    Is this cheaper than installing a KYB kit? I would think it's not better performance, maybe equal??
  12. chrismxer

    ENZO Fork Oil

    So your saying the older it gets with use the more gooey it gets? The KYB 01 doesn't act like what I pulled out, not even close. I talked to Enzo and they said they only use 01 and think someone must have done something after them...?
  13. chrismxer

    ENZO Fork Oil

    I was doing an oil change on a set of forks revalved by ENZO with about 20 hrs from a 17 CRF450r. The oil in the outer chamber was clearly not your usual oil and was very thick/slippery feeling. Like a drip would stay connected and make a long string 6 inches or so long. I've seen stock oil like this on Hondas 10 or years or so as well but never found it in a bottle. haven't had a chance to call them but they only list KYB 01 oil on their site which I'm pretty sure doesn't act like what I described. So what kinda oil is it?
  14. chrismxer

    2019 KTM 300 xcw-tpi: Upgrade and crash testing video

    Ok because when I googled it I got this!
  15. chrismxer

    2019 KTM 300 xcw-tpi: Upgrade and crash testing video

    What the F is a Farkler?