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  1. I've had both and they are both great. I'm no better on one or the other. Hill climbs will be easier on the 300 with the added power but for me 95% is about the same. On the 250 you get better mileage and they are usually less expensive.
  2. Anyone know if you can update to the latest version or do you have to but it again?
  3. I reworked mine (basic valving and springs etc...) and they are very good. They are one of the plushest forks I've ridden and very controlled at speed, love them!!
  4. This would add an additional compression adjustment like the older ones to the bottom of the reb (right) leg. This adjustment is easier to feel cause we spend more riding time in the area of the dampening curve that it adjusts. So I have High speed compression adjustment in the left top leg like stock xplor. And now I have more of a low speed adjustment on the bottom of the right leg. I like this also due to only having to valve one fork when making changes. So 2 comp adjusters (adjustments to different parts of the curve) and 1 reb adjustment.
  5. Opening up the slide notch (reed side) fixed the finicky Mikuni for me. Some use a triangle file or a chainsaw file works good too. This gives a more positive signal over the needle jet and pilot jet opening making it more consistent. I discounted this mod at first but wish I would have done it earlier. This makes it run slightly richer so you have to jet a little leaner since it's now pulling more fuel. No more messing around with the air screw, starts easier, made mine stop pinging when I chopped the throttle, works great now.
  6. Yep tons of hours on multiple bike, but I use the non synthetic type (White bottle).
  7. I don't have any pics but I can take some next time I'm in there. This video shows kinda what you'd be dealing with once you unscrewed the valve. Just pre-order your shims before hand. This valve literally just unscrews from the bottom. Be careful that you put back on with proper torque.
  8. The compression adjustment isn't the same part of the dampening curve as previous or any other bike for that matter. Treat it as a mid to high speed adjustment. I'd suspect a high end dyno would show this due to the higher speeds it can record. The reason it dives so much is because there is very little low speed dampening, so if you have the ability to add an older style base valve with adjustment and add about 10 more face shims just to the rebound side it'd start to behave quite well. This fork can be made to be a great fork and if you add the older style base valve you have all sorts of adjustment. It's also easy to replace cause the cartridge doesn't spin like older OC forks, just turn it upside down and unscrew it etc.. Super simple.
  9. That bike is sick!! Hurry up and get here future!! haha
  10. The XC's with the CC forks are the best I think. The W's with the OC forks are good too, I really liked mine. (2013) Stay away from the 4cs and I think you'll be fine.
  11. I weigh the same as you, have an 18xcw and I went one step stiffer on OEM springs and get good sag numbers on the rear. The Front I ended up taking out one of the springs and added back the stock spring. So one stiffer and the other stock. Just preference, but I also had to stiffen up the valving quite a bit to get it where I like it on the forks. BTY, I ride your usual tight technical to flowing single track, mid pack A speed...
  12. SO you cured pipe bang on what yr bike? I never heard of the term before 17/18 and now you cured it on a bike pre 17/18?
  13. LOL, neither. Stick with the stock Kehein!!!
  14. To me it sounds like you need to drop the needle half a clip and go to a slightly richer needle on the straight portion. That worked really well for me. Seems like the pilot isn't quite enough to cure the hanging idle or knock after chopping the throttle (for me) but the smaller diameter needle works really well. Thats something not a lot of people try and is overlooked. Also I got an adjustable by hand air screw since this carb is more sensitive. I only have to make about one adjustment a day from morning to afternoon once it gets warmer. Once I got this figured out with the needle it works great. Good luck! 18 300xcw
  15. I'm watching this on the piece of shit foxgo app and getting what feels like more commercials than race. Anyone else getting this or is it the POS app?