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  1. bobandbeans

    music while riding

    i have one of those cheap mp3 players from walmart, there like a stick of gum and i put it on a shoe lace and wear it around my neck under my jersey..... works great for me
  2. bobandbeans

    Pastrana Is Getting Punked On Mtv

    i missed it what did they do to him?
  3. bobandbeans

    Flying Dutchmen (Pennsylvania)

    when in pa do u live?
  4. bobandbeans

    best pipe

    what is the best pipe for 06 250f and which one has the most top end gains? any info will help thanks!
  5. bobandbeans


    real name is alex, but everyone just calls me bob ( i don't know why), i was bored so i added beans to the username i like the sprinters if it can haul 2 bikes, 50, gear, tools, all the basic stuff i'll pry end up with one but it really all depends on money
  6. bobandbeans


    who uses a van post up pics of ur sets up
  7. bobandbeans

    My 50 Build..What Am I Missing??

    if ur goin to just race it i would buy the forks but if you only race alittle bit and many just ride bmx style trails stick with the plus 1s
  8. bobandbeans

    looking for a street legal dual sport

    sorry for the lack of info i don't really know what im looking for i want a bike that is fast and can handle great but every now and then can handle trails. i think i might just go with a street bike and then keep my dirtbikes around for trails and tracks.
  9. bobandbeans

    looking for a street legal dual sport

    yea i looking at the huskys they look pretty sweet i think im going to wait alittle longer and see if theres any new news about the ducati hypermotard thanks for all the help guys
  10. whats a good dual sport dirtbike that is or could be coverted street legal. it will be mostly used on roads. im looking for somthing with great handling and can handle high speeds?
  11. bobandbeans

    I love quads!

    i love 4 wheeler but i def love dirtbikes more 4 wheelers are great if you just want to go for a little cruse in the woods, or if you goin mudding on a 4x4 dirtbikes are great if you want to jump, or just ride fast, or techical stuff
  12. i was looking into a single one just for my 250f i saw the one with the bar that goes on the seat but i can't find in anywhere anyone knows who makes it?
  13. bobandbeans

    knock offs

    there were def extremes and sdgs and stuff like that with in pry like 3 hours the frame was choppered, chain stretched mega, back wheel bent to hell, forks got jammed down. we took the back wheel off to put a new tire on it and the whole brake stuff pretty much just crumbled. this was just riding trails many a 10 foot gap at the most. i know that some of you guys have good luck with knock off and extreme and sdg are actually trying to make there 50s better but what I'm really taking about it the china bikes that are the ones you'll pry find walmart selling in a few years
  14. bobandbeans

    Problems with TB 108 stroker kit

  15. bobandbeans

    knock offs

    is it just me or does a new knock off come on to the market everyday? i will read threw the posts on many forums about knock offs and i have a few friends that have bought them. it sounds to me that all knock off are a piece of sh*t always breaking or something always wrong with one. I had 5 different friends who bought a xtream, sdg, sky teams pit bikes. there run good for like the 1st hour then its all down hill from there. i just don't understand why u can't just buy a xr50, 110, ttr90 i know price is always a issue with 50s but you can buy a 50 put about 1500 into it and it would run, and feel great it might not be as fast as a knock off but you can jump off a curb and not have something break. 110 u can pretty much run them to hell stock and then will be faster and better feeling then a knock off. i got a xr50 and i put close to 3000 dollars in mind and its faster, better suspension, and more relable then any knock off i heard of sorry for all the bad grammer and spelling