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  1. mxrider70

    bike is not wanting to start

    it could be the valves. as stated in your post you checked them but did you just check the clearance or did you actually take the head apart. if the clearance has changed it could be because the head has cupped or started to "sink" a little in the seat. re-shimming the valves might not fix the problem. good luck and let us know what you find out.
  2. and did it reduce arm pump while riding? My friend had one so i gave it a go. after less than a minute it felt exactly like arm pump! so i'm going to go out and buy one, i just wondered if anyone else tried it? (I know riding more often is the cure-all for arm pump but I have this pesky thing called a job...)
  3. mxrider70

    Help settle an argument

    no matter how in shape you are riding is excellent exercise. but i think it depends on how much and how hard you ride. i run about 4 miles every other day. on the weekends i'll ride trails but mostly MX, sometimes both. riding the track is more intense than most anything else i've ever tried in terms of a total workout. when i ride woods we keep a pretty good pace. i'm wheelying over logs, hitting small jumps, getting the back wheel sideways. but not as fast as if i were in a hare scramble. i still don't think i work up as much of a sweet as when i run 4 miles. but when i run i go pretty fast. people who "jog" can't keep up. i don't know how fast i go, i should probably time my miles. my point is either could potentially burn more calories depending on how intense you are. but more important than all that fitness stuff, riding is just more fun! the only reason i run is to improve my riding stamina. hand your girl a helmet and let her decide.
  4. I came across this article for tuning/jetting: http://justkdx.dirtrider.net/printcarbtuning.html But it's written for 2 strokes. Do the same instructions apply to 4 strokes? Are there any differences I should be aware of?
  5. mxrider70

    MDRA Tomhawk Race

    yeah, i read about that in another post. glad to hear you got it over turned. i'm completely new to racing. i've been riding motorcycles for over 10yrs but MX just over 1 year. i want to race vet c next season... i just don't want to get run over b/c everyone is so much faster than me!
  6. mxrider70

    MDRA Tomhawk Race

    what is the point of sandbagging if everyone's doing it? do people do it just so they can say they won a race? i'd rather do crappy and still say i'm in the B class or whatever.
  7. mxrider70

    How much better is the 06'

    I have an '06 R and my friend has an '05 R. We can both tell the difference in the stearing but otherwise they seem the same. It seems to me it turns the way an MX bike should turn, I point it in a turn and it sticks really well. With other bikes I've ridden it takes more concentration to go where you want. If it starts to wash out it's usually b/c I'm too far back. When I'm up on the tank it will stick some sick turns.
  8. mxrider70

    Mystery machine

    Just so you know, a lot of people (in the business world) in Japan DO speak English. If you did have to call them you'd probably get further than you think. But it sounds like you've got what you need. Good luck!
  9. mxrider70

    Des nations team

    Alessi is an embarrassment to the sport. I wouldn't want him representing anything to do with Team USA. Bubba is amazing, no doubt but he's just not consistent this season. It's dissappointing that Brown was taken out. This is the second time he was supposed to go. Hot Sauce will do us proud. It will not be on TV any time soon. At some point I expect the Speed Channel to air it but they haven't said when.
  10. mxrider70

    ''Testimonial of a Trackbuilder''

    Wow. You're a lucky dude. Nothing beats having a track on your property especially with soil like that. And you ever have the earth movers... you're killing me!
  11. mxrider70

    oil change

    I just got an '06 R and forgot the manual. Until I get it these instructions will help, thanks. How much trans oil does it take? Is the filter the same as the '05? (My local shop said they didn't have the part numbers in yet for the '06). What's a good online site to get Honda parts? TIA
  12. My Triumph Sprint ST (955cc) gets 65mpg and has plenty of power.
  13. mxrider70

    450X Microfiche/Service Manual

    This site has honda manuals: http://www.motocom.com