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  1. rtjim

    need a new rim

    I need a new rim for my 93 kdx 200 and I think I could use a rim from a kx 125/250! does anyone know if that is possible? Thanks, Jim
  2. rtjim

    85 xr80 forks

    Does anyone know how much oil to put in the forks and what weight?
  3. rtjim

    tranny fluid

    I have been reading that a lot of people have been using ATF type F in there trannys with very good sucess, so I tried in mine and now I notice that the clutch is sticking. Is this normal or is it just cleaning itself out!
  4. rtjim

    93 200 kdx

    Could anyone tell what oil to use in the tranny and how much! Thanks in advance
  5. rtjim

    93 kdx gas cap

    where can I get a new plastic gas cap?
  6. rtjim

    93 kdx

    could anyone give me a few tricks about changing the fork oil and also how much to put back in. What would be a good weight to use?
  7. rtjim

    93 kdx

    I have just purchased a 93 kdx which i am going through at the moment and I have a couple questions about the suspension, where do I get the rear shock rebuilt or do I but a replacement and what the front forks, do I send them out also or should I rebuild them, springs and seals and such.