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  1. kitchencabinet

    Finished my street legal Drz400E

    me thinks koots_roots is asking if the stock E light is dot. if he is, it is not. k.
  2. kitchencabinet

    Can someone educate me on a DRZ400????

    i thought the stock "S" was 33-34 hp, the stock "E" 36-38 hp. stock "SM" ??-??. k.
  3. kitchencabinet

    HELP BC Riders - what is needed to make my DRZ street legal?

    read this thread at dualsportbc.com http://www.dualsportbc.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=275&forum_id=5&highlight=street+legal+kit ken.
  4. kitchencabinet

    Noob mod advice needed

    what mutualbill said. unabiker rad guards, tt case savers and a skidplate are mandatory. k.
  5. kitchencabinet

    TT store question - one stop shopping ?

    me thinks that the turn signals need to be farther apart to be legal. but i can't imagine an officer of the law giving you a hard time unless you gave him a reason too. now, if you need to get an inspection, that could be a different matter. k.
  6. kitchencabinet

    M and H Tyres

  7. kitchencabinet

    Tried to take my bike

    i need these!!! what are they and where did you get them. k.
  8. kitchencabinet

    Auto Clutch

    tons of info here. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/search.php?searchid=1310313 k.
  9. kitchencabinet

    Where to get throttle tube?

    manual says torque handlebar clamp bolts to 16.5 lb-ft. k.
  10. kitchencabinet

    No one has this yet?

    in november i was emailed this from trailtech : "Anyway, Vapor is expected to price at $119.95. Optional water temperature sensor at another $14.95 or so." and this email from last week : "Vapor is currently scheduled to begin shipping in May." ken.
  11. kitchencabinet

    03 E model or new?

    oem rack is for the s. i don't think they make an oem rack for the e. i got a rack for my e from these guys. http://www.kytechmachine.com/pages/purchasecanadian.htm#Fork%20Brace you could try ebay as well. k.
  12. kitchencabinet

    Swing Arm and Linkage Torque Spec

    specs are from a 2001 400S manual. i don't know about the sm. k.
  13. kitchencabinet

    Interco Terraflex

    like fred bear said. the tera is quite a bit taller. i never thought about it until i installed one on the bike. big difference. if your on your toes before the tera you'll be swinging free after. k.
  14. kitchencabinet

    Swing Arm and Linkage Torque Spec

    upper and lower shock bolts = 40 lb-ft all three cush lever rod nuts = 72.5 lb-ft pivot shaft nut = 55.5 lb-ft k.
  15. kitchencabinet


    now that its over, i hope you can look back and see how funny it is. cause you got me laughing out loud. ken.