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  1. thank you, i will check the triple clamp mount on the bike
  2. hello anybody know if a set of cycra triple mount handguards that were installed on drz sm will fit a 2009 dr 650se? thanks
  3. Mitsubishi Trout Gray Effect code A10
  4. I had some mixed at a local auto shop ... they scanned my frame with paint matcher thing Mitsubishi Trout Gray Effect almost a perfect match....
  5. 2005 Drz400sm Supermoto Dirt
  6. looks good, but do your tire rub the taillight when u hit bumps and jumps?
  7. i moved it to the right triple clamp bolt.
  8. tag t2 Cr double high APA fat Bar Clamp
  9. first ride temperature was plus 2
  10. i got mine here
  11. 3.2 fits perfect with the unibiker guards
  12. heres the link
  13. i get to store my bike in an old house that nobody lives in its perfect:applause: loads of room, if i need more i just knock the wall down:worthy:
  14. heres another shot same angle, go with the 3.2 its the perfect size plus looks good