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  1. escobar

    600 ft endo on CRF450

    so wher is your video .. and that was not 700 feet from a 300 foot... this is almost 900 feet http://www.servinitup.com/gallery/videos/joe_brown_stoppie
  2. escobar

    05 husqvarna 510 set up

    can someone please help me with seting up the suspension on my 510.. im about 190lbs i just need the best settings with the stock set up.. forks and rear shok.. thank you in advance i want it to handle the best it can.. stock settings kinda feel like crap..
  3. can an 05 husky 450 or 510 smr be registerd for the street in california?? i heard its a green sticker but does it say off road use only on the title.. if not in cali what other state can it be done in and what will i need.. thankyou in advance