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  1. well i see that most of the ppl on this post are 125 lbs (or must be) because the rear of the bike is good but omg! the front froks bottom all the time no matter how i set them up. Im looking at race tech fork springs .47s gold valves and a frok brace just to get it right. I cant ride the bike hard very long without getting arm pump from the wayyyyy to soft front forks. So gain some weight and ride the bike then talk about how good the front is. I think you will have a diff take on it.
  2. Yea i have protaper bars cr mid bend with risers and i like them but im am going to get the risers thet push them forward. I just ordered a set of pegs so ill post how i like them. They are pushing me but are good ppl and wouldnt do anything to hurt me. I am getting better but need to get into shape i think thats 1 of my biggest things. I like to push and be sore the next day make me feel like ive done something. But i know my limits and dont push to far over them im still getting a lot of upper body stress and arm pump real bad im trying to hold on with my legs it just dosent fell good and i dont like the way it feels. Thanks for all the help PPL Daniel D.
  3. Oh and 1 other thing 1 guy told me that it might help if i had the pegs moved back a little kinda new to me but what do yall think???? Thanks ounce again Daniel D.
  4. Thanks for all the info guys. And well the only times i really use the brakes are in tight corners i have a habit of sliding into the corners. Also I'm 6'1 240lbs and i know the front forks on my bike need stiffer springs (they are on order). As for my bars today they did the get on the bike close your eyes and stick your hands out in a confortable place when i opened my eyes my bars need to be about 3 inches more forward and now they are about 1 inch in front of the forks. I'm a sit down rider and it never feels good to stand ( i hate to stand to be honest). I do just about like Dwight said i stand when the bike makes me. But as i see on other posts i guess i just need to ride more and start working out some at least. Thanks Daniel D.
  5. I ride a XR400 and do a lot of trail riding. The ppl at the place where i ride have been helping me over the last few weeks and i want to know if they are right? Well the first thing they made me do was to push my bars forward a good bit from where i had them. Next they told me that my legs and back keep me on the bike and all my hands are for are throttle and working the levels. I get arm pump bad after about 10 min of riding and that has seemed to help a little. Last the guy whos been helping me the most wants me to lead and he kinda pushes me when we ride he bumps me with his front tire and yells no brakes which means im on the brakes to much. Does any of this sound good or right or should i just not listen to these guys. I mean they are fast in the woods( i can keep up for a few min but get arm pump and have to slow down). I dunno ppl any help would be great. Thanks Daniel D.
  6. well guys i just put a 158/58 in the carb and dang did it make a diff. The bike still boggs a little but its a stock carb. The throttle is crisper and it feels like it has more power. I also turned the idle up a little and it killed most of the boggin. I wish i would had done this a longgg time ago. Guy all of you were a big help. Thank Everyone, Daniel D
  7. Yea i pulled the snorklethe day i got it . I put the filter in after it started running bad. From what some ppl are saying i know im am going to rejet now but with the way it started im thinking i have some junk in the carb. I quess ill start off with the 160/60 and go from their. Guys i want to thank all of you for the help and ill repost and let ya know what happens. Thanks again Daniel D.
  8. i got the exhust the same day i got the bike
  9. My elevations is 659ft/201m and i am running stock jetting. I am going to clean the carb real good and rejet. Also i have a new uni filter on it now and it still bogs. I havent adjusted the valves scence ive had the bike which is about a year and a half now. Thanks Guys for all the help . Daniel D.
  10. When i bought the bike new i had the pipe put on that day so its not the pipe i guess i just have some stuff in the carb.
  11. oh and warm or not if choke is half on it runs perfect and at times i can turn choke off and it runs good then boggg... all of a sudden.
  12. im not hittin the rev limiter and it was running good untill it rained for about 5 min them if i roll the throttle is fais but if i raoll then pin it bogggggggg... ok im going to yank the carb out and play with jetting and make sure its clean. Also all ive done to the motor is put a suppertrapp on it with 12 disc. I still have stock jetting. and not sure on elevation sorry i live in south carolina upper part of state. Thanks guys ill see what happens.
  13. My 400 runes good at idle and with slow throttle but when it get hi in rpm it dies of and bogs. I changed the plug and flushed the carb. One other note if i rune it at half choke it rune fine.... I have no idea any help would be grateful. Thanks Daniel D.