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  1. i've hear hangin from a bar for along period of time will help is this true?
  2. i have a 02 crf450 and smashed my pipe and have to get a new one anyone know which after-market pipe to get?
  3. i have a 02 crf 450 my one friend has a back rim off a candale bike are they the same i heard that they were but just want to check?
  4. thanks this might help me im goin to see about taking this apart tom and let you know what was wrong
  5. see i dont think that it has anything to do with the cables someone told me that it could be a flat spot on the neddle jet or mabye the slide have you ever heard or that ??
  6. i have a 02 crf 450 and after riding it for a while u let off the throttle it keeps moving at a low speed and if u give it a like turn on the throttle it goes back to idling fine. anyone have any ideas about what could be wrong???